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Discover an easy-to-use solution to manage purchase orders and associated documents. Precoro will help your teams achieve 80% less manual data entry and 38% shorter purchase cycle time.

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Purchasing process made simple

Key features for smooth purchase order processing

Save time and simplify your operations every step of the way. Make sure you are up-to-date with all purchasing activities, receive orders promptly, and prevent unauthorized spending.

Create purchase orders from purchase requisitions

In Precoro, you can not only create purchase orders from scratch but also convert purchase requisitions into POs so that you don’t have to enter the same information twice.

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Be confident that your purchase orders don't exceed budget

Receive budget alerts or take it a step further by stopping employees from issuing any purchase order that falls outside the budget, eliminating any possibility of overspending.

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Say goodbye to delays in approvals

Your team members will receive instant notifications in the system and via email when there's a document waiting for them.

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Filter out purchase orders

Easily find the needed purchase orders by filtering them out by type, status, department, location, purchaser, supplier, and more.

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Generate blanket purchase orders

Cut back on repetitive administrative tasks by automating recurring orders. Set up one purchase order for ongoing receipt of goods and services.

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Set up multi-level approval thresholds

Take a completely customizable approach and set up multi-level approval workflows for different departments, locations, projects, and specific sums of money.

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Perform 2-way and 3-way matching

Match purchase orders, invoices, and receipts and immediately spot discrepancies between them.

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Enjoy remote access to all purchasing documents

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and supplier contracts from any location.

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Use collaborative notes and attachments

Discuss purchases directly in the system by leaving individual notes and comments for your team members or suppliers while creating purchase orders.

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Purchase order software that's reliable

Precoro proves its value time and time again.

We cover the entire purchasing process

Precoro vs. Typical purchase order software

Discover what features and functionalities set Precoro apart from standard purchase order software available on the market.


Typical PO software

Typical PO software

Purchase order creation

Yes Yes

Automatic PO generation

In specific packages Yes

Approval workflows

Yes Yes

Order tracking

Yes Yes

Budget control

Yes Yes

Invoice management

No Yes

Receipt management

No Yes

3-way matching

No Yes

Vendor management

No Yes

Item catalogs

No Yes

Expense management

No Yes

Inventory tracking

No Yes

In-depth reports

No Yes

Accounting integrations

No Yes

Free trial

No Yes
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Take invoice management under control

Create invoices from scratch, generate them from the purchase order, or extract invoices from various sources, such as emails, forms, etc. You can even create a recurring invoice and save time when you have to request payments at regular intervals. Precoro also enables smooth invoice approvals and tracking of document status with a complete approval history and audit trail stored in the system.

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Enjoy full budget control

Allocate budgets for different departments, periods, locations, and projects, while tracking each of them in real time with a progress bar. Our cloud-based procurement solution allows you to monitor available funds for each pending purchase order and make appropriate financial decisions. It will also promptly notify you when you approach your budget limits, ensuring that you can efficiently track spending.

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Manage your vendors with ease

Quickly onboard new suppliers with our customizable registration forms and supplier approval workflow. You can also opt to send a purchase order to a new vendor without going through the onboarding if that's more suitable for your supplier management process.

Moreover, the system stores all of your contracts and provides up-to-date information about them with the Contracts Revision History Report, so you will always be in the loop about your agreements. Additionally, we'll help you set up supplier and item catalogs to make it easier to find specific products and suppliers in a flash without reentering the same data in the documents.

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Create customizable reports

Make data-driven decisions on how to optimize your operations with valuable insights about your purchase orders, invoices, receipts, budgets, expenses, payments, and much more. With just a few clicks in Precoro, your team can generate a real-time report using 20 filters and 120+ custom fields. You can use this data to analyze spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize budget allocation for improved financial management.

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Dive into the world of the purchase order process

Let us take you on a journey exploring the nuances of the PO process – and discover how exactly we can help your company.

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All your questions answered

Who prepares the purchase order? See more Hide
  • Depending on the company’s structure and established procedures, POs can be issued by procurement or purchasing team members, operations officers, department or project managers, and finance or accounting department members.
How do you structure a PO? See more Hide
  • Purchase order should include the following:
    • PO number
    • Creation date
    • Delivery date
    • The buyer's name and address
    • The seller's name and address
    • Billing address
    • Shipping address
    • Item type
    • Product number, model number, or SKU
    • Order quantity
    • Price of products or services
    • Total amount due
    • Payment terms
What is a PO number? See more Hide
  • A purchase order (PO) number is a unique reference number assigned to each purchase order within a company's procurement system. It helps stakeholders track and identify the order's status.
Can you create a purchase order in Excel? See more Hide
  • While it is possible to create a purchase order in Excel, using dedicated purchasing software is a more efficient approach. In Excel, users design a template with relevant fields such as item descriptions, quantities, prices, and vendor information. Then, they manually enter and update the details for each purchase, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially when it comes to the approval process and tracking purchase orders.
What are the four types of purchase orders? See more Hide
    • Standard Purchase Order (PO or SPO) for one-time or infrequent purchases.
    • Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) for recurring purchases that happen at regular intervals.
    • Planned Purchase Order (PPO) for recurring orders that occur at irregular intervals.
    • Contract Purchase Order (CPO) for complex or high-value purchases to outline the terms and conditions under which POs will be issued in the future.
What is PO software? See more Hide
  • Purchase order software (PO software) is a type of digital business tool designed to help companies facilitate, centralize, and automate the creation, approval, tracking, and management of purchase orders and related documents.
How does a purchase order system work? See more Hide
  • Good purchase order software helps users quickly create purchase orders with drop-down menus as well as item and supplier catalogs. The company can also configure approval steps to send only authorized documents to vendors or suppliers. Then, users can track the order by the PO number and see whether it’s been approved, received, or paid. The system will also store all your purchase orders so you can retrieve them any time you need.
What are the benefits of purchase order software? See more Hide
  • Purchase order software comes with several key advantages, including fewer human errors, remote access to purchase orders, streamlined document approvals, document storage for an audit trail, automatic 3-way matching, and improved cost control.
What features should businesses look for in a purchase order system? See more Hide
  • Conversion of purchase requisitions into purchase orders, multi-level approval workflows, automatic 2- and 3-way matching, as well as the ability to filter out purchase orders, check their statuses in the system, and quickly find related invoices, and receipts.
What other processes or documentation should purchase order software cover? See more Hide
  • A good tool will significantly simplify and speed up the purchasing process with modules for invoices, receipts, budgets, expenses, vendor management, item catalogs, inventory management, and reports.

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Discover the intricacies of the purchase order process and get tips on how to choose a reliable purchase order system on our blog.

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