Comprehensive solution to streamline your spending workflow and mitigate risks

Achieve complete spending visibility, robust budget control, on-time approvals, and meticulous auditability with a single solution. Elevate efficiency and transparency across the procurement lifecycle of your multi-subsidiary organization.

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7% average budget saving per year
2.5x faster approval process
90% fewer duplicated payments
98% Customer satisfaction
Designed to scale

Why Precoro?

  • Flexibility and Customization

    Set up and adjust workflows based on specific purchasing scenarios for granular control over spend. Adjust modules and fields for specific business needs anytime.

  • Complete solution

    Increase control and visibility over spending. Connect Precoro to your ERP and other business tools in your tech stack, including HRIS and SSO.

  • Exceptional support

    Receive a comprehensive implementation process tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth transition and faster user adoption.

Automate. Integrate. Scale.

The all-in-one solution to procurement challenges

Precoro is a multipurpose tool to leverage your operational efficiency. You will always be aware of overall company spending with real-time reporting and integration to your favorite accounting systems.

Trusted by 1000+ companies

Favorite procurement tool of enterprises worldwide

Simplify purchasing for the whole company

Provide your employees with the ability to request whatever they want in a few easy steps. No complex and long-lasting operations. No workarounds. They only need to fill in the inquiry and send it for the manager's approval. Let your employees enjoy corporate purchasing with Precoro's user-friendly interface.

Simplify purchasing for the whole company

Define the specific process and stakeholders for every type of request

Capture every aspect of the purchase requests with unlimited custom fields. Create a specific workflow for each inquiry. Ensure meticulous audit tracking for every action in Precoro, with customized permissions that provide complete visibility and accountability for your organization.

Define the specific process and stakeholders for every type of request

Sync procurement and accounting operations

Use Precoro’s advanced workflow builder to enhance cross-functional team collaboration by involving procurement, finance, IT, legal, and security teams at the right stages of the process. Ensure requesters have visibility into order statuses, and foster transparency and communication throughout the entire procurement journey.

Sync procurement and accounting operations

Improve forecasting and budgeting

Precoro provides you with full visibility of your spending pipeline. Along with the ability to set budget limits and get insightful expense reports, you can reduce wasted spending and maintain full control of the company budgets.

Improve forecasting and budgeting

Make real-time, proactive decisions with 150+ reporting data points

Slice and dice the data whenever you need it. Always be in the know about your purchasing performance by locale, department, team, project, and more. Get clear analytics and insightful real-time reports to plan your procurement strategy more thoughtfully.

Make real-time, proactive decisions with 150+ reporting data points
Award-winning solution

Enterprise-grade product quality and support

Precoro is a leader in Purchasing on G2
Built to keep your data secure
As safe as it gets

Built to keep your data secure

Precoro is designed with a security-first approach in mind. We are compliant with major regulatory frameworks including SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, UK GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, ensuring the utmost protection of our customers' data and privacy. Precoro boasts 99.9% uptime, coupled with the option to choose between EU and US servers. This means better access to your data and better compliance with local regulations.

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Why our customers love Precoro

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