Mitigate security and compliance risks with Precoro single sign-on integration

Precoro fully integrates with key identity providers to ensure a smooth and secure single sign-on experience for your team.

Single Sign-On Integration
Universal accessibility

Benefits of using SSO with Precoro

Single sign-on (SSO) allows your employees to sign in to all business applications and services with one set of credentials, including Precoro.

  • Stronger security

    Manage the passwords used by your employees and eliminate risky password practices.

  • Easy user management

    Spend less time and money on user administration and reduce IT support workload.

  • Improved user experience

    Frictionless and fast user experience with a single credential set for your employees.

Highly adjustable integration

Precoro fully supports four key identity providers out-of-the-box

Don't see your single sign-on provider on the list? Precoro can easily integrate with many more identity providers. Share your SSO requirements during the demo, and our consultants will guide you through the integration process.

Highly adjustable integration
Got you covered from A to Z

The all-in-one solution to procurement challenges

Precoro is a one-stop system to assist you every step of the way. Coupled with real-time reporting and integration with your favorite accounting system, the purchasing process has never been easier for teams.

All in One Solution

Loved by SMBs and enterprises alike

We started using the system with only one department and then gradually added four more. Precoro helps us with managing the company’s budgets and matching Invoices against Purchase Orders so we can focus on strategic tasks. David G., CFO at Cheerz
We use Precoro as an all-in-one solution to control and automate the entire procurement workflow, from creating POs to managing the supplier database. With the catalog, we've drastically reduced the time spent issuing purchase orders and requests and tracking their status. Plus, our managers easily approve on-the-go via phone. Barend L., Procurement Manager at Bolloré Transport & Logistics
With its budgets module, visual analytics and reports, Precoro helped us obtain complete control on all of our spends. Plus, it has the most User-friendly interface. With Precoro, we have our spend management and purchasing process smoothed out in one tool. Leah D., Budget Officer at SupportNinja
Precoro had the best price point on the purchasing systems market. Other systems that we looked at had either too many or not enough features. It is also significant that the system is easy to learn and use. Our dedicated manager got us onboard in less than 2 weeks. Bill J., VP of Finance and Administration at Greater Palm Springs
Support Ninja
Palm Springs
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