Fully-customizable procurement software for long-term business success

Forget about inefficient procurement processes and manual data entry. Automate your operations and centralize purchasing processes with Precoro to focus on strategically important tasks.

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Precoro is used by leading companies from all over the world

Why Precoro?

Improve business efficiency with a smart procurement solution

Precoro is a no-code solution designed to save you time and resources on procurement through automated processes. Easily manage your purchasing workflow and never spend more than planned. Precoro maintains everything you need to scale fast.

  • Flexibility

    Adjust the platform specifically to your business needs. Decide which modules and fields to implement.

  • Fast onboarding

    Implement Precoro in a couple of hours with the help of our customer success team. Get 24/5 support from our experts.

  • Fixed pricing

    Pay per user and get unlimited access to all features. New updates and releases are available on an ongoing basis.

Why our customers love Precoro

Automated procurement

Grow your company with key Precoro features

Decrease your procurement cycle time. Transform laborious purchasing operations. Customize your account whenever you want.

Purchase orders

Issue POs 95% faster. Create, approve, and track POs in just a few clicks with Precoro.

Purchase request

Keep all requests in one place. Monitor order statuses, check revision history, and ensure required products are delivered in time.

Invoices & Receipts

Reduce document processing costs by 50%. Keep your business transactions in order and monitor them in real-time.

Approval workflow

Approve documents 2.5x faster. Add as many steps as needed. Assign specific roles, rules, and thresholds for colleagues.


Monitor and compensate employees' expenses in one place. Get better control over corporate spending.

Budget management

Save up to 7% of your purchasing budget. Increase cash flow transparency and set budget limits for departments.


20 filters. 120 custom fields and counting. Create real-time reports to plan your procurement strategy more thoughtfully.


Organize your supply flow and increase its cost-effectiveness. Track your inventory and make better purchasing decisions.

3-way match

Ensure all financial documents are matched in real-time. Never spend more than expected with discrepancy tracking.

Supplier management

Easily manage your supply flow and compare quotes from suppliers. Keep a vendors list with detailed information and contacts in one place.

Discover Precoro

Check out our Product Overview page to learn how Precoro can help transform your procurement experience.

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Built to keep your data secure
As safe as it gets

Built to keep your data secure

Precoro is designed with a security-first approach in mind. We are compliant with major regulatory frameworks including SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, UK GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, ensuring the utmost protection of our customers' data and privacy. Precoro boasts 99.9% uptime, coupled with the option to choose between EU and US servers. This means better access to your data and better compliance with local regulations.

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