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When it comes to purchasing requisitions, more and more organizations are turning to digital and innovative technological solutions. With a top purchase requisition software like Precoro on your team, your company will be ahead of the pack in terms of procurement systems. Precoro gives your company an edge with its faster purchase requisition process and more effective business flow. With no manual work involved, your entire purchasing process will be managed electronically, saving you time and human resources. Its instant reporting and data collecting features help you make more informed choices on budget plans, vendor selection, and even the products you purchase. With that, your company will save more money and become more productive. So in selecting the right software to automate your purchase requisitions, choose Precoro and start enjoying its numerous benefits.

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  • Precoro had the best price point on the purchasing systems market. Other systems that we looked at had either too many or not enough features. It is also significant that the system is easy to learn and use. Our dedicated manager got us onboard in less than 2 weeks.
  • We started using the system with only one department and then gradually added four more. Precoro helps us with managing the company’s budgets and matching Invoices against Purchase Orders so we can focus on strategic tasks.
  • We had been using Google Sheets to track Purchase Requests, and it caused us lots of problems because of manual mistakes. Precoro streamlined the process around requisitioning and approval workflow. As a result, it decreased downtime in our labs, so we get what we need to do our job faster and on time!
  • Precoro is easy to implement and user-friendly tool. It offers more than a set of basic features to help run the business.