Automate corporate cost control to drive business growth

Gain complete visibility into all financial operations to control costs and maximize operational efficiency. Simplify request submission and approvals for your employees. Stay atop of all procurement activities to prevent possible risks and drive company growth.

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Finance controllers
  • 7%

    average budget savings per year

  • 100%

    spending transparency

  • 98%

    spend under management

Control business costs with live budget monitoring

Centralize all your spending in one place and ensure your company has everything it needs for efficient operations. Establish budget caps for each project, department, and location, ensuring that every dollar is allocated strategically. Prevent unexpected invoices, unauthorized spending, and uncontrolled renewals.

Control business costs with live budget monitoring

Accelerate and regulate approval workflows for the whole company

Guarantee prompt delivery of necessary goods and services. Enable an easy way to submit and track purchase requests in a few clicks. Create approval workflows of any complexity to loop in the right stakeholders based on the amount and category of spend.

Accelerate and regulate approval workflows for the whole company

Receive a 360 view of real-time financial data

Consolidate all procurement-related data in one place to gain complete visibility over spending. Analyze your expenditures using Precoro’s dashboard and custom report builder to identify savings opportunities.

Receive a 360 view of real-time financial data

Guarantee total compliance and risk management

Centralize your procurement processes to ensure all operations align with organization policy. Minimize the risk of unauthorized purchases by setting up budget limits. Eliminate rogue and wasteful spending and position to be audit-ready at any time.

Guarantee total compliance and risk management
Designed to scale

Why Precoro?

  • Full spending visibility

    Eliminate rogue spending and reduce costs. Control budgets across projects and departments, and identify savings opportunities.

  • Cost and time efficiency

    Uncover hidden saving opportunities, negotiate better terms with suppliers, and manage corporate spending with valuable strategic insight and precision.

  • Flexibility and customization

    Set up and adjust workflows based on specific purchasing scenarios for granular control over spend. Adjust modules and fields for specific business needs anytime.

Loved by SMBs and enterprises alike

Streamline cost control and drive growth with Precoro's powerful feature set

Budget control

Track expenditures and never spend more than planned.

Approval workflow

Assign approval roles, rules, and thresholds for colleagues.


Monitor corporate expenses and hasten billing cycles.


Create real-time reports with 20 filters and 120+ custom fields.

AP automation with OCR

Attach documents to generate pre-filled invoices.

2-way and 3-way matching

Match POs, invoices, and receipts anytime.

Supplier management

Onboard suppliers, store their catalogs, and manage contracts.


Sync data between your favorite business tools.


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What features does Precoro offer for corporate cost control?

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