Precoro and Power BI integration: Analyze company health with ease

Leave spreadsheets in the past. Transfer data from Precoro to your Power BI account in mere minutes. Receive refreshed and insightful reports anytime.

Power BI Integration

Transfer everything you need to your Power BI account: budgets, inventory, invoices, POs, receipts, requests for proposals, suppliers, and more.

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Power BI Dashboard
All data in one place

Benefits of using Power BI and Precoro integration

  • Sync all data automatically

    No complex manipulations with spreadsheets. No long-lasting manual export of numerous data rows. Transfer all data to your Power BI account directly from Precoro.

  • Create customizable reports

    Utilize the full capabilities of Power BI to filter, format, and visualize your procurement data. Track vital indicators and spending dynamics to make better decisions.

  • Track dashboard updates

    Create the needed report once — get automatic data updates constantly. Schedule a suitable refresh rate and receive real-time reports anytime you need them.

Convenient connection

Only 4 steps to the full data synchronization

No need to be tech-savvy. Integrate Precoro and Power BI just in a few clicks.

  • Install the Precoro connector

    Place the file into a specific folder for custom connectors on your device

  • Log in to the connector

    Sync Precoro and Power BI accounts

  • Import data from Precoro

    Select the required tables you want to load

  • Set up data refresh

    Select frequency, time, and other parameters for updates

98% customer satisfaction

Favorite procurement tool of 1000+ companies worldwide

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