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The fastest time to value option for controlling spend and migrating from manual processes, with quick implementation and user adoption.

Access to:

Advanced procurement

3-way matching

Automated approvals

Custom fields and workflows

Real-time budget tracking

QuickBooks, Xero, Slack, various SSO, and Amazon integrations

Vendor and contract Management

Reporting and analytics

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Full Procure-to-Pay platform, fostering efficiency, transparency, and compliance across extensive spend control processes.

Everything in Core, and:

AP automation

Dynamic intake forms

Vendor onboarding

Supplier Portal

Selected ERP integrations

Premium support

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Individually tailored pricing

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Advanced configurations and custom workflows to support ultimate visibility and cost control across larger organizations, including extra focus on security and compliance.

Everything in Automation, and:

Multiple entities

Regional server selection

Advanced admin controls and security

Custom implementation 

IP white-listing

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All-in-one solution

Product features overview

Out-of-the-box Precoro functionality at a glance, available with all plans

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  • Regional server selection (in Suite plan)

    Select between EU or US servers to align with your regional needs, all while enjoying uniform, high-quality service.

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  • Procurement app for iOS and Android

    Gain control over procurement processes from your mobile device. Monitor spend, approve orders, and engage with your team anytime and anywhere.

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  • Flexible user management

    Precoro scales with you as your team grows. Add as many users as you like and assign roles that determine their access level.

  • Unlimited Document storage

    Attach as many files you need to your POs, invoices, and receipts and store them in Precoro — safely at hand.

  • Multi-Currency

    Working with international suppliers? We've got your back! Add any currencies to your documents from our comprehensive list.

  • Multi-Department / Project / Location

    Configure approval routing, limit access to documents, and separate your purchases and costs by specific teams and projects.

  • 3-way matching

    Precoro matches your POs, receipts, and invoices automatically in real time, saving your finance team 90% of their time and effort.

  • Unlimited Custom Fields & workflows

    No matter how complicated or unique your procurement workflow is, Precoro can be customized to cover it from A to Z.

  • Unmatched security & reliability

    Precoro offers top security with all 5 AICPA Trust Service Criteria & GDPR compliance, plus 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted data access.

    More about security
Integrations See more Hide
  • QuickBooks Online

    Auto-sync POs, bills, vendors, GLs, categories, and more, letting you seamlessly automate your pre-accounting process and eliminate manual tasks.

    Integration details
  • Xero

    Avoid duplication of efforts and error-prone, time-consuming manual documentation and reporting by syncing Xero data with Precoro.

    Integration details
  • Netsuite (in Automation and Suite plans)

    Sync subsidiaries, locations, POs, bills, vendor data, and more between your Precoro and NetSuite accounts. Automate your purchasing pipeline and gain control over your spending.

    Integration details
  • Slack

    Receive instant notifications about pending documents directly in your Slack workspace. Check all purchasing details and approve or reject documents with just a few clicks.

    Integration details
  • Power BI (in Automation and Suite plans)

    Centralize data from different sources. Set up automatic dashboard updates and analyze essential business indicators in one place.

    Integration details
  • HR systems

    Keep employee data in sync without needing to enter the same information twice. Configure user access to Precoro to ensure complete purchasing security.

  • Amazon Business Punch-in

    Shop on Amazon as usual and then turn your cart into a purchase requisition sent to Precoro for approval with just a few clicks.

    Integration details
  • Home Depot PunchOut

    Browse the Home Depot catalog, fill up your shopping cart, and watch order details automatically transferred to a Precoro PR for seamless approval.

    Integration details
  • API

    You can create almost any thinkable connection between Precoro and your go-to business tools with the developer API.

    Integration details
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

    Precoro supports numerous identity providers, so you can sign in safely and leave compliance and security risks behind.

    Integration details
  • Flat-file import/export

    You can import users, fields, and departments to Precoro and export literally any data to be uploaded into your accounting software.

Approvals See more Hide
  • Automated custom approval routing

    Customize your approval chain according to your team structure. Precoro will notify each next approver in line to accelerate the flow.

  • PR, PO, invoice, expense, and supplier approvals

    Discover unlimited approval capabilities in Precoro. Enable managers to control every aspect of the spend cycle in one place: from adding a new supplier to approving a payment request.

  • Role-based permissions

    User Roles in Precoro distribute system access accordingly, e.g., approver roles for dept. heads and requestor roles for others.

  • Rule-based workflow

    Set up the approval matrix of any scenario in Precoro in minutes, and involve relevant stakeholders in suitable workflows. Establish workflows according to your business processes and Precoro will follow them by the book.

Analytics and Reporting See more Hide
  • Visual charts and XLSX Reports

    "How much did we spend on X?" is not a question you'll often hear with Precoro in place. Your dashboard will speak for itself.

  • Custom report builder

    150+ data points are at your disposal to create Precoro reports that will reflect every detail relevant for data-driven decisions.

  • Audit trail

    Is something not adding up? Check Precoro changelogs and compare document versions to trace discrepancies.

Budgets See more Hide
  • Real-time budget tracking

    Precoro's budget reports and dashboard with handy progress bars and pie charts will allow you to purchase and plan confidently.

  • Project, department, and location budgeting

    Control expenditures across the company by creating specific budgets for projects, departments, locations, and GLs. Set up budget periods and budget caps to make sure you never spend more than planned.

  • Budgets for Custom Fields

    Create budgets by Chart of Accounts or Items Custom Fields of your choice. Precoro can set a budget for pretty much anything.

  • Custom period budgets

    Expenses for large-scale projects don't always fit into quarterly spending. Divide your budgets by costs and periods as you like.

Supplier Management See more Hide
  • Supplier database with unlimited number of records

    Precoro stores all vendor information, from contacts and payment terms to tax credentials and supporting documents.

  • Item management with unlimited number of records

    Create unlimited catalogs of frequently purchased goods and services by specifying SKU numbers and GL accounts, ultimately simplifying the ordering process for your employees.

  • Contract repository with expiration notifications

    Store contracts with files for reference, assign those to POs, and get notified if they need to be prolonged within 60 days or less.

  • Vendor onboarding and evaluation (in Automation and Suite plans)

    Create personalized registration forms for every type of vendor to collect the necessary details and supporting documents. Set up an approval workflow for new vendors to make sure they fully meet your business requirements.

Purchasing & Inventory See more Hide
  • Purchase Requisitions

    Make the ordering process a breeze for employees. Allow them to request the required goods or services in a couple of clicks and ensure they have everything they need for productive work.

  • Purchase Orders

    Expedite the order-making process and centralize it in one intuitive system, bringing your teams and suppliers in sync.

  • Request for Proposal/Quotation

    Still comparing prices in Excel? Enough is enough. Go paperless when choosing suppliers and benefit from every deal.

  • Blanket PO

    Take advantage of blanket purchase orders to pre-approve supplier spend for multiple transactions over time, even without knowing the specific scope of products or services.

  • Receipt/delivery tracking

    No more guessing whether or not the ordered goods or services have been received. One glance at the status in Precoro — and you're in the know.

  • Invoice management

    Upload invoices from scratch through Precoro’s Supplier Portal or generate them from purchase orders. With the help of OCR, eliminate duplicates, overpayments, and rogue spending.

  • Payment status

    Precoro statuses indicate whether the order was billed, prepaid, or paid in full, partially, or not at all — at a glance.

  • Credit Notes

    Wrong invoice? Delivery issues? Instead of back-and-forth refunds, replenish your budget with that credit amount and use it later on.

  • Inventory

    Gain complete control and visibility over your inventory, make data-driven decisions, and optimize stock levels.

  • Minimum stock levels & stock valuation

    Set up rules for reordering goods or services, automate purchase orders, and receive instant notifications when the stock level of a specific item is getting low. Eliminate manual intervention and reduce the risk of item shortages.

  • Tax management

    Effortlessly assign tax rates to your purchases to ensure accurate taxation, financial compliance, and a streamlined purchasing process.

  • Customized numbering

    The system adapts to your unique numbering structure for documents. Add custom text, dates, codes, symbols, & sequential numbers.

Notifications & Messaging See more Hide
  • Email notifications & reminders

    If there is an approval, an order, a revision, a mismatch, or a pending update from your employee, emails will alert you straight away.

  • Internal communication

    Leave notes and comments; tag your colleagues in the documents. Follow a document, and Precoro will keep you posted.

Support See more Hide
  • Standard onboarding

    We offer migration assistance, personalized training, and educational materials for your whole team, keeping your goals in mind.

  • Dedicated customer success manager (CSM)

    With a robust procurement background and purchasing experience, our CSM team will help you meet your every need with Precoro.

  • Chat/email/phone support

    We usually answer chats within 4 minutes, emails within a day, and fix most issues within an hour. No chatbots & no long waits for calls.

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All your questions answered

Learn the essentials about our platform, pricing, billing, and customer service.

Product See more Hide
  • Do I get the full feature set, or is there a module system?

    You'll get full access to the product's features and monthly product updates.

  • Who is considered a user?

    A "user" is an employee who's been granted access to Precoro. Each user is given their own unique set of credentials and assigned specific roles and permissions depending on their “User Role.” There are plenty of User Roles available, among which are: Configuration, Supplier Management, Requester, and Approver.

  • What's the difference between standard- and power-user-based pricing?

    According to the standard pricing, companies are charged for each user added to the system.In some cases, your Precoro consultant may offer you a power-user pricing model.The fee for each power user is higher, but in addition to full access to the system, they have the ability to give the requester access to other employees at no additional charge.

  • Can I increase the number of users?

    Yes, you can do it anytime.

  • Can I get a demo of Precoro?

    Sure, just leave a request in the demo form.

  • What if I need to manage multiple legal entities/companies within one account?

    You can effectively manage the procurement process for different branches and subsidiaries from a single Precoro account. Please note that there's an additional one-time fee for activating a new company. Users with access to multiple subsidiaries don't need to purchase additional licenses.

  • Can I integrate Precoro with my accounting software or ERP?

    Yes. Precoro features direct integration with NetSuite ERP, as well as with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks Online. You can also create countless other custom integrations with your favorite tools via Precoro API.

Customer Success and Support See more Hide
  • What ongoing support does Precoro offer?

    We assign a dedicated customer success manager to each of our clients. This person is responsible for the successful implementation, so you can seamlessly use Precoro within your company. Consider them your business goals partner, who closely studies your operations and helps you optimize processes and reach your procurement objectives. Their primary role is to ensure that Precoro brings tangible value to your company and that all your requirements are met.

Onboarding See more Hide
  • What is the onboarding process?

    When you sign up, your CSM helps you set up the system and maintain your process in Precoro to ensure that it's ready to bring value.Moreover, your CSM helps train your employees and prepares the most suitable materials (Knowledge Base, videos, Live Demos, etc.)

  • How long will onboarding take?

    Typically, the onboarding process takes 2-4 weeks. However, this duration may vary depending on your company's size and business needs. Our Customer Success team will guide you through every step of the process and will do everything to make it happen as fast as possible.

  • What is standard onboarding?

    Standard onboarding comprises two consultation sessions and a 1-hour training session.During the sessions, your CSM will analyze your processes and goals and help you collect data and set up the system.In the training framework, the CSM will introduce your team to the product and the workflow and show them how to use those effectively.

  • What is concierge setup?

    The concierge setup is a Premium onboarding option boasting delegated data import, up to 10 consultations, up to 5 training sessions, and an additional guided test period for each user type.We'll work closely with your team to visualize your process, upload your data, and set up your entire workflow in the system.

Billing See more Hide
  • How does Precoro's pricing work?

    Precoro's package-based pricing model makes it easy to choose the right plan to align with you compnay's needs and budget. If the nature of your business requires advanced configurations and custom workflows, our Sales Consultant will customize the pricing for your company's maximum benefit.

  • Do I have to pay for anything else except the general pricing?

    You pay exclusively for the chosen plan, without any hidden fees. We also offer paid add-ons, but nothing extra will be included in the bill unless you request it.

  • What currencies does Precoro accept?

    We accept US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. Other currency options are also discussable.

  • Are there any implementation fees?

    The standard onboarding is included in all plans, while the concierge setup is an add-on that requires additional fees. Note, however, that additional implementation fees might be applied for non-standard customization requests.

  • What payment methods do you support?

    There are two options available: you can pay with a corporate/credit/debit card or by bank transfer.

  • Do we need to sign a contract?

    Signing a contract is not a must because you automatically agree to Precoro's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy when you sign up.A separate official agreement can also be signed upon your request.

  • What are your cancellation and refund policies?

    You can stop using Precoro and cancel your subscription within the 30-day cancellation notice period. After canceling, your subscription will end at the end of the billing period, after which you won't be charged further. You can also request that all historical data be extracted when you cancel your subscription. Refunds are offered only when Paragraphs 5.1-5.2 of the Terms and Conditions are applied.

  • How can I be sure that my data is safe?

    Precoro is SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. We are happy to provide you with audit details and certificates on request. Precoro uses DigitalOcean servers to run the platform with 99.9% uptime, 2FA, and SSL-secured connection. All your data is encrypted with AES 256, so you can be sure it's safe and accessible 24/7 in Precoro Cloud.

  • Can I get my data if I stop using Precoro?

    Yes, you can easily export all the data you stored in Precoro.

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