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    Ciklum is a top-five global Software Engineering and Solutions Company. The company delivers software engineering excellence to Fortune 500 and fast-growing organizations alike around the world.

    Andrew Titov, Head of Procurement at CIKLUM

    Andrew Titov

    Head of Procurement at CIKLUM

    Using a single system helps us quickly and easily manage orders from any number of suppliers and receive detailed reporting online and for any period, in one place. The system allows to diversify the supplier base, minimize risks, and consolidate the flow of purchases.

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    JYSK is a global retail chain that specializes in the sale of household products, furniture and accessories. They use Precoro for indirect purchases in multiple locations.

    Vladimir M., CFO at JYSK

    Vladimir M.

    CFO at JYSK

    Our company has 40+ locations around the country. So, it was difficult to organize and manage this massive procurement process manually. Precoro allowed us to create an automated process and approval workflow for each location in one system.

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    Julian S., Purchasing Manager at AVK

    I shudder to remember how many different tools we have used and how much information got lost along the way. With Precoro, we were able to reduce our manual workload by a huge ratio. We have a full procurement process in one system now.

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    Michael P., Head of Procurement at Curtins

    The main reason why I use Precoro is to combine all the suppliers’ catalogs in one. Precoro does the job excellently. In addition, it's really easy to use and doesn't cost a fortune.

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    Vladimir M., CFO at JYSK

    We use Precoro as a complete digital solution for all of our procurement. We are running all purchase orders through the system, using budgets and many different locations. Now we can track all our buying habits, see where we can save money, and be way more organized.

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    Enrique B., Purchasing Manager at Ecoservice Group

    Precoro is an amazing tool for managing purchase requests and tracking purchases. The Precoro team helped us set up the software for our needs, and supported us every step of the way. Excellent service.

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