Seamless Mobile Procurement

Precoro App: Procurement at Your Fingertips

Transform the way you manage procurement, no matter where you are. With the Precoro app, effortlessly approve requests, monitor order statuses, dispatch POs to suppliers, and collaborate with your team—all through a single, intuitive mobile interface.

Precoro mobile app
Agile, Flexible Procurement

How the Precoro App Makes a Difference

Enhanced User Experience

Increase user adoption and cut operational costs with Precoro’s intuitive application that makes procurement straightforward and efficient.

Instant Access to Critical Data

Gain instant access to your procurement data and maintain control over your operations from anywhere. The Precoro app enables quick, informed decisions on the fly.

Collaboration Without Boundaries

Foster effective communication among team members and stakeholders directly through the Precoro application. Say goodbye to being constantly tethered to your laptop.

Precoro Mobile Procurement Features

Control and Track Your Spending, Anytime, Anywhere

Spend Tracking and Approval Overview

Access insights into your total spend and identify documents pending approval at a glance, directly from the home screen.

Spend Tracking and Approval Overview

Approvals on the Move

Simplify the approval process with the ability to review documents and make approvals or rejections with a single click.

Approvals on the Move

Order Status Insights

Keep tabs on every order's journey from initiation to completion, with the ability to sort and track status updates.

Order Status Insights

PO Management

Accelerate your procurement cycle by sending approved purchase orders directly to suppliers via the app.

PO Management

Team Collaboration

Foster seamless collaboration and interact with your team in one central location.

Team Collaboration image

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