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What Precoro does

Precoro is a core solution to these problems:

Messy and untimely approvals

Error-prone manual processes

Chaotic, unclear workflows

Poorly maintained records

Lack of reporting and visibility

Inefficient budgeting

How Precoro does it

Precoro improves spending workflow automation

For minor company expenses, you might utilize a spend management solution or track everything in spreadsheets. For everything more, you'll need Precoro. We help companies achieve procurement excellence and budget efficiency by building transparent, predictable, automated spending workflows.


Process before features

Precoro is process-oriented, giving you agency to gather and process requests, build custom approval logic, manage purchasing documents, and gain complete control over company spending.



Easily create, collect, and manage any request in real time. Precoro gives voice to employees, peace of mind to approvers, and acts as a source of truth, unifying your purchasing activities in one place.

  • Purchase requisition
  • Request for proposal
  • Warehouse request
  • Invoice Payment request
  • Reimbursement request
  • New vendor request
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The approval process is a cornerstone of successful business operations. Precoro's ability to customize purchasing workflows is state of the art. Route your documents to the right decision maker and have a clear audit trail. Ensure each financial record gets to the right person.

  • Unlimited Approval Workflows
  • Workflow scenario builder
  • Document-based approvals
  • Vendor approval
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Automate document creation and make them easily trackable and visible to all parties involved. Never lose sight of your orders and stock, and spend efficiently with better control over your orders, items, and employee expenses.

  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Inventory
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Would you like to control every aspect of corporate spending? Precoro gives you tools to track, analyze, report, and audit your operations: from supplier and item management to efficient budgeting and expense tracking.

  • Suppliers and items
  • Budgets
  • Reports
  • 3-way match
  • Expenses
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It's never one-size-fits-all

Precoro is designed to adapt to your purchasing approach, industry, and company size. Enable only the modules you need, customize document fields, set up criteria-based approval workflows, and design your user roles. All in a day's work.

Company Size
Purchasing Model

Industry-specific use cases

Explore how easily Precoro adapts to the workflows of different industries. No matter what you are ordering or how many departments you manage, Precoro is here to assist you.

Precoro gave us visibility and control over the multi-branch spending of our organization.

Barend Liebenberg, Procurement Manager

Precoro grows with you

Add, remove or change users, workflows, entire modules, and more. Manage multiple companies and locations or scale everything down without negatively impacting your operations.

Precoro is an ideal fit for scale-ups as it gives flexibility and control over your purchasing process when your organization evolves quite fast.

David Grimbert, CFO


For the procurement manager or department, Precoro will act as a hub that helps collect, manage, and automate all purchasing activities. From gathering requisitions to maintaining an overview of inventory and managing suppliers and contracts — Precoro will ensure there is no duplication of efforts, lack of visibility, or missed saving opportunities.



For decentralized teams, Precoro will act as the approval central with clear guidelines for requesting, ordering, paying, and approving based on criteria you choose yourself. Give managers ease of mind by making informed decisions. Give employees an easy way to make requests. Give everyone total visibility and transparency over the whole purchasing process.


Custom ≠ Complex

On average, it takes about 2 weeks to implement Precoro and less if you want to scale your pre-existing Precoro account. What's more, you don't require technical knowledge or rigorous training to make the best of the system, so adoption and onboarding are a breeze.

Growing complexity
Adding to ERP
Migrating from another tool

Growing complexity

Our team works hard to make Precoro the procurement tool you will use for years. For example, you can start with a handful of users and simple PO - Approve processes, then add more users and features as needed. You can always:

Growing complexity

Extending the capabilities of your ERP

If you use an ERP system, you probably know how hard it can be to customize it, how expensive it can get to add users, and how much training new users need. Precoro helps you retain all the benefits of ERP without its disadvantages. With Precoro, you can:

Extending the capabilities of your ERP
Give all employees an easy-to-use and straightforward tool to make requisitions, orders, or submit invoices.
Extend ERP procurement capabilities: build criteria-based approval scenarios for any situation.
Limit what users see and access based on the roles you design yourself. No more confusing options or complicated interfaces.
If you use NetSuite, we have a direct integration. No coding or technical skills are required to let Precoro sync data with your NetSuite instance.
SSO and Google login will ensure every connection is secure. You can even limit access by IP if you want people to work from a strict list of locations.
Quickly request and approve from mobile, Slack, or Email, or collaborate with colleagues via in-built comment functionality in Precoro.

Migrating? Precoro is on your team

Migrating between procurement tools is stressful. Whether you had a full-fledged procurement software, an array of spreadsheets, or a simple internal tool written by your team, change is unsettling. You might worry about a lot of things:

How to make adoption easy and painless (not everyone accepts changes easily, even if those changes are for the better).
How to improve your existing processes and measure the results.
How to show ROI from your decisions to the stakeholders.

Precoro will help you check all the boxes, share best practices, and assist you with migration and implementation.


Consult with our team

We'll discuss if Precoro is a good fit, set up a personalized demo, and work with you through the requirements.


Map the process

Plan and map your workflows and roles, including what documents and processes will you work with, and who will make decisions.


Import the data

Import data (locations, budgets, suppliers, etc.) into Precoro via file or directly sync from Quickbooks, Xero, or NetSuite.


Onboard and go live

Our CSM will prepare personalized learning materials and will be ready to assist you with any questions.


Connecting teams and tools

Procurement and spend management should be transparent, trackable, and automated for all teams involved. Precoro makes it easy for requesters, managers, finance, and procurement teams to collaborate internally and with suppliers.

Finance teams
Procurement managers


It's not enough to implement a purchasing policy. It should be straightforward and convenient for people to follow. Here is how Precoro can help you speed up procurement policy adoption and give employees an easy way to track the status of their requests in real time.

  • Limit modules and features by user roles, so employees will only see parts of Precoro they would actually use. No confusing options or complicated interfaces that take forever to learn.
  • Create custom rules and scenarios and automatically route requests to the right decision-maker. Your employees will never have to wonder whom to address their request to.
  • Precoro will automatically update document statuses and send notifications and reminders via email or Slack, so employees will always be informed about the progress of each request.


You want to make confident decisions approving purchases and expenses. Precoro will ensure you have all the necessary information available at a glance, and only what falls into your area of responsibility will reach you. Here is how we make approvers' lives easier:

  • Timely notifications and reminders about new documents or revisions.
  • Approve, send documents for revision, or reject with one click or on the go: via email, Slack, or mobile phone.
  • Ability to communicate and request additional information right from Precoro via comments.
  • Revision History to control the whole picture and track back when it's needed.
  • Vacation mode for the times you are away and need to pass the responsibility to a backup approver. No more delayed decisions or untracked purchases.

Finance teams

Precoro's functionality aims to give finance teams peace of mind and free them from heaps of paper invoices, back-and-forth manual approvals, and matching bank statements with POs by hand. Our Accounts Payable capabilities will help you:

  • Approve, revise, and manage invoices and other commercial documents within one platform.
  • Automatically capture data from paper documents and pdfs with OCR to avoid manual entry.
  • Avoid duplicated invoices and ensure there are no discrepancies with automated 3-way match.
  • Integrate directly with your favorite accounting tools, such as QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite.
  • Customize your document fields: taxes, shipping, currencies, extra charges, and more.
  • Create and manage budgets, setup threshholds, tolerance limits, and approval conditions.
Finance teams

Procurement managers

Drive impact with your procurement strategy and ease operational workload. Shorten your purchase cycles, uncover saving opportunities — Precoro is built to make your purchasing error-free and efficient.

  • Advanced PO, PR, RFP management capabilities and customization options.
  • Match Purchase Order <-> Receipt <-> Invoice in real-time with 3-way match.
  • Manage your partners with Supplier Onboarding, a dedicated Supplier portal, consolidated contracts, catalogs, and other supplier-related data.
  • Handle your warehouses and inventory without effort: manage stock balance, consumption, transfers, and fulfill requsitions from Warehouse Requests.
  • Integrate and sync data directly with NetSuite, or use open API to build a custom ERP connection.
Procurement managers


Be at ease signing off on bank statements and reading reports. Build resilient, compliant, and cost-effective spending workflows. Mitigate procurement risks and business disruptions by getting up-to-date, actionable insights.

  • Better operational control: all your commercial documents, supplier data, contracts, attachment, and discussions are consolidated, organized, and easy to audit.
  • Improved cost management: avoid discrepancies during account reconciliation, duplicated invoices, and maverick spending. Precoro keeps your spending data mistake-free and transparent.
  • Make strategic decisions faster: with Precoro, you can gather insights, analyze data, and create reports in real-time. Easily enrich your company reports and blend different data sources with our PowerBI integration.

Loved by SMBs and enterprises alike

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