Precoro was founded in the end of 2015 by an entrepreneurs team steeped in development SaaS solutions for B2B clients. We managed to create a cloud-based spend management solution for small and midsize businesses that helps automate procurement processes. Precoro keeps all information in one place which lets users track requisitions, approvals, budgets and orders. The easy-to-use platform provides complete control and visibility of company spend. Our main goal is to develop intuitive e-procurement software for small and middle sized businesses, that is simple to use and don't need any technical upgrades. Every day thousands of people around the world use Precoro for spending control. That is really simple due to the multilingual interface, and the support of all world currencies. Our purchasing software is used in small growing businesses and also in big companies like Medicover, JYSK, Live Nation. Precoro is a solution for small and medium-sized businesses to effectively manage the procurement process in a company, automate manual work with a simple and functional cloud-based software.

Why choose us?

Precoro brings maximum value to optimization of the procurement process: provides control, visibility and reduces costs

Our mission

We strive to help companies to set up a transparent and efficient procurement process.

What we do?

We create software that provides automation of procurement processes.

Precoro generates savings
with the automation of procurement process

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