Unlock financial potential with 100% spend control

Implement spend control measures and ensure adherence to procurement policies with rule-based approval workflows and budget limits. Leverage historical purchase data for smarter financial choices.

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Finance controllers
  • 100%

    spend transparency

  • 2x

    faster month-end close

  • 90%

    fewer duplicated payments

  • 98%

    spend under management

Improve financial precision and strengthen spend controls

Boost the productivity of the finance team and drastically minimize errors with the help of Precoro’s spend control solution. Eliminate duplicate payments and minimize maverick spending with a streamlined financial process.

Automated data entry: Leverage OCR and Precoro’s Supplier Portal to receive accurate, pre-filled invoices automatically.

Financial accuracy: Maintain the highest financial integrity with the help of 2- and 3-way matching.

No missing invoices: Keep bills in one easily accessible place and stay organized with clearly labeled payment statuses.

Quicker processing: Expedite invoice creation, approval, and auditing, then seamlessly integrate the data with your ERP or accounting system.

Enforce spending controls against budgets

Enable informed purchasing decisions and track how purchases impact budgets in real time, starting from the requisition stage. Use historical purchase data to optimize budget planning.

Real-time budget status: Track budgets with progress bars and pie charts.

Budget management: Create budgets for projects, locations, GLs, and more.

Budget analytics: Leverage insightful budget analytics for strategic planning and decision making.

Proactive overspending alerts: Control spend with the help of immediate notifications whenever purchases surpass the allocated budget.

Guarantee compliance and manage risks effectively

Simplify procurement and financial operations. With Precoro's intuitive platform, policy compliance is a natural outcome. Actively mitigate risks and protect your company's reputation.

Unified procurement: Consolidate procurement and pre-accounting processes under one umbrella for complete spend control.

Policy compliance: Enforce spending controls with rule-based approvals for POs, PRs, invoices, new vendors, and beyond.

Vendor onboarding: Create custom vendor onboarding forms for every type of supplier — direct, indirect, strategic, or occasional.

Contract repository: Make sure your agreements with suppliers are successfully executed and be proactive about contract renewals.

Transform your spend insights with enhanced reporting

Leverage Precoro's tailored reports and pre-built visual dashboards to make sound financial decisions and confidently plan for the future. Utilize exportable data to examine your financial performance and improve spend controls.

Data visualization: Access detailed charts and standard XLSX reports that deliver a thorough and visually engaging interpretation of corporate spend.

Custom report builder: Build tailored reports using 150+ data points to make informed decisions.

Scheduled reporting: Configure automatic report generation to send data directly to Google Sheets at specified intervals.

Transparent audit trail: Use the changelog and document version comparison features for a clear audit trail.

Proven track record

Don't take our word for it

Designed to scale

Why Precoro?

  • Proactive compliance

    Enforce compliance using purchasing policies and rule-based approval workflows. Effortlessly mitigate risks and address potential audit issues.

  • Unparalleled financial oversight

    Get a 360-degree view of your spending patterns through dynamic dashboards and in-depth reports. Monitor real-time transactions for an added layer of spend control.

  • Scalability and automation

    Automate routine tasks, reduce manual errors, and free up the finance team's time for strategic decision-making. Scale Precoro with your growing business needs.

  • Cost optimization

    Uncover hidden saving opportunities, negotiate better terms with suppliers, and manage corporate spend with unprecedented strategic insight and precision.

98% customer satisfaction

Favorite procurement tool of 1000+ companies worldwide

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Customer experience

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Key achievements:

  • Faster invoice processing
  • Real-time budget visibility
  • 100% cost transparency

Precoro is utilized for:

  • Reporting & budget tracking
  • Invoice processing
  • 3-way matching
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