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Top-notch software for managing relationships with your procurement partners. Onboarding, evaluating, tracking, and collaborating with vendors or suppliers — all in one place.

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Managing like a pro

Get more done with a robust vendor management system

Utilize Precoro as a comprehensive solution for effectively managing vendors and suppliers. Minimize manual procedures and welcome a more intelligent approach to nurturing supplier relationships.

Onboard easily

Ensure transparency and well-organized processes for supplier validation and onboarding by configuring customized onboarding forms and approval workflows for new suppliers.

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Control the process

Streamline your supply chain operations by consolidating vendor information, contracts, and catalogs in a centralized location. Build a clear contract management flow, optimize the procure-to-pay cycle, assign a dedicated account manager for each vendor — and witness productivity soar!

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Track for efficiency

Generate real-time reports as a part of vendor performance management. With Precoro reporting, it's easy to monitor spending per vendor and contract compliance rates in order to identify potential cost-saving opportunities and prepare a vendor risk management strategy.

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Communicate well

Foster direct and convenient communication with your suppliers through our Supplier Portal's user-friendly interface. It lets suppliers create and update their item catalogs directly in Precoro.

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Cooperate to excel

Work together on requests for proposals, purchase orders, and invoices in real time within the unified platform accessible to both parties. This enhances collaboration, minimizes order discrepancies, and maximizes on-time deliveries.

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Why Precoro is a game changer

Modern vendor management software that does it all

With Precoro, onboarding, overseeing, and communicating with suppliers become simpler and more intuitive.



Automate the supplier onboarding process and minimize back-and-forth exchanges via emails or phone calls. Make sure onboarding is fast and error-proof.

  • Custom vendor onboarding forms
  • Automated capture of information from documents
  • Integrations to share data about supplier onboarding
  • Approval workflows for new vendors based on vendor categories


Store all vendor and supplier details in one place. This way, you can easily oversee all supplier-related operations and minimize supply chain disruptions.

  • Supplier catalogs with detailed company information
  • Pre-approval of products according to the purchasing policies
  • Contract repository for ensuring policy compliance and timely renewals
  • Automated P2P cycle with real-time tracking of PO status
  • Historical spending and real-time reporting on suppliers


Establish a trustworthy communication channel via the Supplier Portal to ensure direct and instant information exchange. Precoro’s Supplier Portal lets you:

  • Prevent PO discrepancies by letting suppliers create and modify item catalogs
  • Manage and update RFPs in a single platform to speed up the process
  • Grant Supplier Portal access to vendors so they can send invoices and track payment status
  • Automatically send POs to suppliers so that they can be fulfilled faster
Flexible and agile

Manage your supplier relationships in the smartest way

With dedicated software, your supplier and vendor relationships are smooth, the purchasing process is cost-efficient, and your vendor management strategy aligns with the procurement strategy. Watch this short video to learn how a vendor management platform like Precoro can help.

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Vendor management and beyond

Precoro vs. a typical vendor management software

Supplier and vendor management is a key component of an efficient procurement process. To achieve the best business results, find a solution that streamlines procurement as a whole. See which features make Precoro a market leader in this area.


Typical VMS

Precoro logo

Supplier management

Yes Yes

Contract management

Yes Yes

Item catalogs

Yes Yes

Purchase order management

Yes Yes


In specific packages Yes

Purchase requisition module

In specific packages Yes

Custom vendor approval workflows

In specific packages Yes

Document approval workflows

In specific packages Yes


In specific packages Yes

Inventory tracking

In specific packages Yes

Accounting integrations

In specific packages Yes

Invoice automation

No Yes

Budget control

No Yes

Expense management

No Yes

3-way matching

No Yes

Free trial

No Yes
98% customer satisfaction

Here’s what our customers have to say

Precoro is loved by teams at over 1000 companies worldwide with various needs and workflows.

Making the right choice

Why professionals choose Precoro for vendor management

Easy start

Set up your account, upload data, and invite suppliers — all in a few clicks! With Precoro, you can start collaborating almost instantly.

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Precoro’s interface is neat and straightforward. Your team and suppliers will love how easy it is to navigate without exhaustive training.

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High level of customization

Precoro is built to fit your business. It’s highly adjustable and offers all kinds of settings, from configuring user roles to generating custom vendor reports. You can experiment until it fits perfectly.

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Great value for money

See positive results from implementing Precoro within the first few months of using it. By streamlining several processes simultaneously, Precoro brings real value to your company. And for good money, as there are no hidden fees or complicated pricing tiers.

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Customer-centric approach

For our team, you're not just a client — you're our partner. We believe it’s our goal to ensure your procurement and vendor management processes are impeccable. We listen to your needs and regularly improve Precoro's functionality based on customer feedback.

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Discover more about the best vendor management practices

Check out our blog to find useful tips and strategies. We discuss supplier and vendor onboarding and management, ways to ensure supply chain efficiency, and various other aspects of successful procurement.

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