An easy-to-use and 5x more cost-efficient alternative to Coupa

Precoro is a perfect match for midsize and upper-midsize companies that want to maximize the benefits of automation as soon as possible and achieve long-term procurement success. Ready out of the box and quick to implement, Precoro brings added value from day one.

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Coupa vs Precoro
Precoro vs. Coupa

Everything you need – with a personalized approach

Precoro offers enterprise-grade value but with a unique approach to procurement — an easily scalable, functional tool and a community of experienced procurement specialists behind it. See why Precoro can be a game changer for growing companies.

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Ease of use

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User-friendly interface, which is easy to understand intuitively and adopted in minutes, even for non-finance people.

End users point out that while Coupa is easy to use for finance professionals, it can be quite difficult for non-finance staff to find the features they need.


Capterra logo Value for money
4.7/ 5
Capterra logo Value for money
3.9/ 5

Flexible and clear user-based pricing. Full access to all modules immediately upon subscription, at no additional cost.

Enterprise-level complex pricing, with the cost rising when additional functionality is needed.

Customer support

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Dedicated customer success manager with procurement expertise focused on company growth and success. No chatbots, no long waits for calls, no extra costs. 96% of questions are answered within 2 hours.

Users point out that resolving support tickets may require a lot of back and forth communication, and it can take days of waiting to get an answer. Users can pay extra for premium support with a designated support account manager.


Capterra logo Features
4.5/ 5
Capterra logo Features
3.9/ 5

Hundreds of features are available out of the box and can be easily enabled as needed as procurement processes scale. Request purchases, approve orders, track and receive goods and services, keep books, and more.

Full spectrum of procurement features with the ability to customize. Add-ons are available but with no testing or training before buying. Suppliers also have to pay in order to get access to the system. Plus, suppliers report that receiving clients’ payments is often problematic.


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The average onboarding time is 5 weeks. Plus, take advantage of personalized training and tutorials for the whole team, with user acceptance testing before going live.

Implementation is typically done by external consultants and can take up to ten months. Using Precoro, companies would already see operational improvements by this time.


Still believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions?

Don’t fall into this trap. While some solutions market themselves as an ideal choice for any company, procurement software should be tailored to meet specific needs that depend on a company’s growth stage.

Not just a software, but a business partner

Perfect for midsize and upper-midsize organizations

Precoro is made for businesses that need straightforward yet highly efficient procurement software.

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High acceptance rate

Due to its intuitive design and ease of use, Precoro can be mastered in minutes. A short learning curve allows companies to benefit from procurement automation shortly after implementation.

High acceptance rate

3x shorter time to value

Increase in operational efficiency becomes apparent in 3 months on average. By the end of the first year, investment in Precoro pays off, and businesses can achieve significant cost savings.

3x shorter time to value

Scalability with the company

Companies can start with Precoro’s basic functionality and then optimize it by enabling additional modules. This way, growing companies can easily adjust procurement workflows and achieve KPIs.

Scalability with the company

High level of security

Keep all your data secure with SSO and reliable 2-factor authentication. Your security is our priority, and the software is fully GDPR-compliant. Moreover, Precoro passed a SOC-2 audit, ensuring the utmost protection for all your sensitive data.

High level of security
98% customer satisfaction

Loved by midsize and upper-midsize businesses

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