Centralized procurement space for educational teams

Run your educational centers smoothly and make sure your classrooms are stocked efficiently with Precoro's easy-to-use procurement system. Set up agile approval workflows and keep budgets under control in a centralized way.

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Centralized procurement document flow

Designed to keep track of your team's purchase orders, invoices, and payments in one collaborative space, Precoro will help you manage all your schools' locations and track all purchasing activity. Give voice to employees and let them make purchase requests for necessary supplies with ease.

Centralized procurement document flow

Effortless compliance and accountability

The educational sector is heavily regulated. Precoro has your back and will ensure your expenses are properly tracked and recorded. With audit logs, custom approvals, budget thresholds, customizable reports, and 3-way-match — stay fully compliant for the next audit.

Effortless compliance and accountability

Smarter, more granular budgeting

Educational budgets are tight. Break down spending into fully customizable subgroups to stay cost-efficient and spend your precious funds smarter. Easily budget by category, department, expense type, and period to plan better. See how much money you have left in real-time and draw granular reports to monitor your spending strictly.

Smarter, more granular budgeting
Case studies

Singular solution for distributed educational organizations in action

Key results:

  • 100% spend control
  • Reduced budget deviation
  • Centralized purchasing

Precoro is utilized for:

  • Custom approval workflow
  • Multicompanies
  • Invoice attachments
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Unlimited number of custom fields

Don't disrupt your process by adapting to system limitations. Make Precoro your own and configure any fields you need for your documents and products at no extra cost.

Unlimited number of custom fields

Cost-efficient resource and inventory tracking

Spend less by utilizing your inventory to the fullest. Monitor what you have in stock and fulfill requisitions from inventory instead of buying the same items twice. Create and manage warehouses to track school supplies and ensure you never run out of necessities.

Cost-efficient resource and inventory tracking

Superior integration capabilities

Integrate with your favorite ERP, accounting, and project management software via API or directly send data to QuickBooks, NetSuite, or from Amazon Business. Our integrations are best-in-class, and you can sync any field, including bills, thanks to our unlimited custom fields.

Superior integration capabilities
It's not just about features

3 reasons why educational institutions choose Precoro

  • Ease of use

    Set up your account, invite users, and upload your data. All set! You can go live with Precoro at your own pace.

  • Value for money

    Precoro has highly transparent, honest pricing with a free 14-day trial to boot. Take it for a spin at any time.

  • Customer support

    Advice and support you can rely on for years. We aim to be your last stop in the search for a procurement solution.

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