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We're always on your side and ready to help with any issue. Working closely with business analysts allows our Customer Success Team to solve the issue not only on a service level, but also on a business level. Every person on the Customer Success Team has a strong procurement background or purchasing experience in the past, so we completly understand your problem.

  • Olena Dekhtiaruk, Precoro Customer Success Lead
    Olena Dekhtiaruk
    Customer Success Lead
  • Diana Miltykh, Precoro Customer Success Manager
    Diana Miltykh
    Customer Success Manager
  • Bohdan Lopatiy, Precoro Customer Success Manager
    Bohdan Lopatiy
    Customer Success Manager
  • Alina Bekmurzina, Precoro Senior Business Analyst
    Alina Bekmurzina
    Business Analyst
  • Russ Uvarovsky, Precoro Senior Business Analyst
    Russ Uvarovsky
    Senior Business Analyst

Our Customer Success services includes:

  • Personalized trainings & onboarding
  • Preparation assistance for migration
  • Advising on process optimization
  • End-to-end support
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