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Enter the next phase of your company's scaling easily with a comprehensive but customizable procurement solution. Ensure your employees get everything they need in time. Centralize your purchasing, prevent maverick buying, and have better control over spending with Precoro.

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7% average budget saving per year
2.5x faster approval process
90% fewer duplicated payments
98% Customer satisfaction

Why Precoro?

  • Flexibility

    Edit modules, workflows, and fields for specific business needs anytime. With Precoro, you're always ready for changes.

  • Ease of use

    Implement a top-tier procurement process that is tailored to your unique needs and easy for your employees to follow.

  • Scalability

    Precoro is designed to scale with you, providing you with permanent alignment with your evolving needs as you grow.

  • Complete transparency

    Increase control and visibility over spending. Track all your expenses in Precoro, make informed financial decisions, and ensure accountability at every level.

98% customer satisfaction

Precoro is used by rapidly growing companies worldwide

Automate. Integrate. Scale.

Comprehensive solution for smarter spending control

Precoro is your indispensable partner in resolving procurement challenges. Easily set up your buying process, prevent risks in the supply chain, and track corporate expenses in just a few clicks. Integrate Precoro with your favorite ERP/accounting systems to optimize purchasing operations.

Organize purchasing process

Free yourself from complex and long-lasting operations. Empower your employees with the ability to request what they need through Precoro's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Once they fill out the request, Precoro will automatically transfer it to relevant approvers and notify them about any changes.

Organize purchasing process

Centralize procurement operations and automate approval workflows

Use Precoro’s advanced workflow builder to enhance cross-functional team collaboration by involving procurement, finance, IT, legal, and security teams at the right stages of the process. Ensure requesters have visibility into order statuses, and foster transparency and communication throughout the entire procurement journey.

Centralize procurement operations and automate approval workflows

Automate the manual. Improve the inefficient.

Precoro is built to save you time and remove the hassle of manual or counterproductive processes. Set up automatic budget thresholds and approval routes, receive alerts, review and approve documents from your Slack workspace, email, or mobile phone, and easily send data to your ERP or accounting software.

Automate the manual. Improve the inefficient.

Improve cash flow transparency and have better control over spending

Spend your resources effectively. Track your business expenses and make employee reimbursements just in a few clicks. Control spending by department and projects, monitor reports, and optimize the company's budget.

Improve cash flow transparency and have better control over spending

Make real-time, proactive decisions with 150+ reporting data points

Slice and dice the data whenever you need it. Always be in the know about your purchasing performance by locale, department, team, project, and more. Get precise analytics and insightful real-time reports to plan your procurement strategy more thoughtfully.

Make real-time, proactive decisions with 150+ reporting data points
Case studies

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Key results:

  • 100% spend control
  • Reduced budget deviation
  • Centralized purchasing

Precoro is utilized for:

  • Approvals
  • Multicompanies
  • Invoices
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Why our customers love Precoro

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