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Make your procurement journey a breeze with Precoro, whether you're a requester or part of the executive team. Customize your workspace without hassle — add modules, set approval workflows, build dynamic forms, and manage user access to create a personalized and efficient work environment. Precoro makes procurement simple — just the way you like it.

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Why 1000+ companies choose Precoro as their go-to procurement system

Swift implementation, real results

Precoro turns the page on lengthy setups with its swift 2-4 week implementation and onboarding. In your first quarter using Precoro, you'll witness a return on your investment, as your operations transform and streamline from the very first day.

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Procurement on your terms

In the business world, things can change in the blink of an eye. At Precoro, we're here to make sure your procurement solution keeps pace. Whether you're scaling up or optimizing for efficiency, you can add or remove modules and adjust your business process whenever you need to, and it won't break the bank.

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A solution you'll want to use

Designed with a broad spectrum of users in mind, Precoro simplifies procurement for everyone, from the tech-savvy finance team to those less familiar with technology. Navigate through our user-friendly interface and stop spending ages trying to decipher how the product works. Thanks to our exceptional user experience, we have high adoption rates across various user groups.

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Value over vanity

All that glitters is not gold. At Precoro, we don't believe in releasing fancy, buzzworthy features that ultimately end up collecting dust. Instead, we provide real value through features that cater to the genuine needs of our customers and help streamline the procurement process. You don't have to take our word for it – simply explore our free trial.

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Customer-centric approach

Your voice matters. We actively listen to our customers and implement feedback in our updates. See your suggestions come to life as we continuously enhance our system based on real user experiences.

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ROI Precoro users see in a year

Faster purchasing cycle

Lower PO processing costs

Lower invoice processing costs

Spend under management

With you all along the way

There's no such thing as a magic wand, but we come pretty close.
Let Precoro improve:

The way you handle orders

The way you authorize purchases

The way you engage suppliers

The way you manage spend

The way you analyze data

The way you handle orders

  • Submit requests effortlessly using custom forms

  • Transform requisitions into POs in a few clicks

  • View real-time budgets for every purchase

  • Automatically send POs to suppliers

  • Track order status up to completion

The way you authorize purchases

  • Configure approvals by department, location, or project

  • Receive approval notifications through Slack or email

  • Choose between parallel or sequential approvals

  • Set up spend thresholds for each approver

The way you engage suppliers

  • Use the Supplier Portal for collecting and managing vendor information

  • Send personalized registration forms to potential suppliers

  • Set up a customizable process for approving new vendors

  • Keep all interactions within a single, user-friendly platform

The way you manage spend

  • Leverage OCR to receive accurate, pre-filled invoices

  • Stay organized with clearly labeled payment statuses

  • Expedite invoice creation, approval, and auditing

  • Keep bills in one easily accessible place

  • Automate 2- and 3-way matching

The way you analyze data

  • Build custom reports with more than 150 data points

  • Choose between visual charts or standard XLSX reports

  • Compare document versions for a transparent audit trail

  • Download reports and send them to your business tools

What makes Precoro different?

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Other solutions

Treats every inquiry with equal importance, with 96% of questions answered within just 2 hours.

Prioritize certain inquiries, resulting in varied response times and longer waits for some users.

Includes key modules in the basic plan at no extra cost.

Often require additional fees for essential modules.

Offers clear and upfront pricing. Complete access to all features and future updates.

No cost predictability. Complex pricing structures and extra charges for new features.

Customer-focused. All updates are made with the customers’ best interests in mind.

Often prioritize investor demands, which may not always align with customer interests.

Values every customer, from SMBs to enterprises, providing top-notch support without requiring additional purchases.

Reserve premium support for higher-paying clients, often leaving smaller businesses needing to buy extra for quality assistance.

Hear directly from our customers on how we stack up

Our customers see results.
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less manual data entry


faster approval process


fewer duplicated payments


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