Cost-effective procurement space for healthcare teams

Precoro helps hospitals, nursing homes, health agencies, and other healthcare institutions run smoothly. Utilize Precoro to purchase the best quality products, supplies, equipment, and services on time and in the right quantities.

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Favorite procurement tool of healthcare institutions worldwide

Give individual voice to clinicians and facilities

With Precoro's Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order modules, you can enable clinicians from different departments and facilities to easily request supplies, products, or services they need. Quickly analyze the demand and stay cost-effective by grouping purchases and predicting volumes and spending.

Give individual voice to clinicians and facilities

Reduce risks with better supplier management

Reduce supplier-related risks by running a comprehensive RFP process and quicker supplier onboarding. Manage your suppliers and contracts in one place, and be sure suppliers fulfill their responsibilities on time and in full.

Reduce risks with better supplier management

Ease of mind for finance and accounting

With Precoro, you can easily set up budgets to monitor and control your expenses in real time. Stay cost-efficient and spend your precious funds smarter. Meanwhile, accounting and purchasing teams are free from the headache of unmatched records or broken audit trails, allowing for total compliance.

Ease of mind for finance and accounting
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See for yourself how Precoro keeps pace with dynamic healthcare institutions

Key results:

  • 0 duplicated invoices
  • 10x quality increase in procurement operations

Precoro is utilized for:

  • Invoice approval workflow
  • Auto-generated reports
  • 3-way match
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Unlimited number of custom fields

Don't disrupt your process by adapting to system limitations. Make Precoro your own and configure any fields you need for your documents and products at no extra cost.

Unlimited number of custom fields

Inventory control over locations and departments

Centralize information about your supplies, equipment, and services and ensure you never experience shortages or buy excess reserves. Predict and control your supply distribution across multiple locations and departments.

Inventory control over locations and departments

Superior integration capabilities

Integrate with your favorite ERP, accounting, and project management software via API or directly send data to QuickBooks or NetSuite. Our integrations are best-in-class, and you can sync any field, including bills, thanks to our unlimited custom fields.

Superior integration capabilities
It's not just about features

3 reasons why healthcare institutions choose Precoro

  • Ease of use

    Set up your account, invite users, and upload your data. All set! You can go live with Precoro at your own pace.

  • Value for money

    Precoro has highly transparent, honest pricing with a free 14-day trial to boot. Take it for a spin at any time.

  • Customer support

    Advice and support you can rely on for years. We aim to be your last stop in the search for a procurement solution.

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