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What is Accounts Payable automation? See more Hide
  • Accounts Payable automation (also known as AP automation) is the process of handling accounts payable operations with the help of digitized software. Companies can use this method to manage and pay their invoices without manual intervention.

What are the benefits of AP automation? See more Hide
  • In addition to saving you money and time, AP automation helps streamline your current invoicing process, increases visibility and security, improves collaboration with vendors, and much more. For additional information, check out this page.

How does the AP automation calculation work? See more Hide
  • The savings calculation is based on the data you enter and takes into account the average level of process automation (80 percent) that Precoro guarantees. To determine the percentage of automation in your specific case, contact our specialists.

Is the estimated savings amount guaranteed to be exact after software implementation? See more Hide
  • The amount of savings may vary slightly depending on your specific company processes and desired level of automation.

What AP automation features does Precoro have? See more Hide
  • Precoro offers a comprehensive system for Accounts Payable management with customizable options, such as OCR, approval workflow, 3-way matching, and more. Learn about all Precoro’s capabilities for AP automation.

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