Transform your procurement experience. Automate. Integrate. Scale.

A fully-customizable platform to make procurement easier for your team. Automate manual purchasing, sync useful data, and improve team collaboration using intuitive tools. Empower your employees to enjoy procurement-related operations with Precoro.

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80% less manual data entry

Easily create any request and track its progress in real-time. Precoro gives a voice to employees and peace of mind to approvers.

Purchase requisition

Purchase requisition

  • Standardized single-source order requests from scratch or from warehouse requests
  • Ecommerce experience with item catalog, in-bulk item import, or custom item lines
  • Ability to approve, revise, edit, repeat, cancel, delete, or manually complete a PR
  • Tracking of purchase requisitions by statuses and checking revision history
  • Attachments, notes, and comments with the option to tag colleagues
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2.5x faster approval workflow

Spend smart by building your own approval process. Customize purchasing workflow with the required number of steps for the most precise routing. Ensure each financial document gets to the right person.

Approval workflow

  • Approvals by locations, departments, projects, custom fields
  • Ability to revise, reject, and send for re-approval
  • Revision history for compliance audit
  • Thresholds and policies for a precise routing
  • Mobile on-the-go approvals
Approval workflow
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38% shorter purchase cycle time

Let Precoro do the work for you with automatic document creation and 3-way matching. Build strong relationships with suppliers and fulfill your employees' requirements in time.

Purchase order

Purchase order

  • PO creation from scratch or auto-generation from PRs and RFPs
  • All order data in one place: delivery, full item info, payment, supplier details, etc.
  • Separate internal attachments for the team and external ones for suppliers
  • Options to make a PO recurring, blanket, auto-send to the supplier, or revise it post-approval
  • Real-time order tracking from draft through the approval process and to payment
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Up to 7% budget savings annually

Improve cash flow transparency and control corporate expenses in real time. Say no to maverick spending and exceeded budget limits.

Suppliers and items

  • Supplier Database with an unlimited number of records
  • Suppliers Portal allows vendors to collaborate with buyers directly in the system
  • Specified payment terms like pre- and post-payment percentage, credit periods, etc.
  • Unlimited item catalog featuring item bundles, categories, and unit management
  • Contract repository with expiration notifications
Suppliers and items
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Customized experience

Don't see the integration you need? Create it

Our team will guide and support you throughout the development process and share everything you need from the Precoro standpoint, from API documentation and available end-points to the best practices based on our clients' experience.

Customized experience
Built to keep your data secure
As safe as it gets

Built to keep your data secure

Precoro is designed with a security-first approach in mind. We are compliant with major regulatory frameworks including SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, UK GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, ensuring the utmost protection of our customers' data and privacy. Precoro boasts 99.9% uptime, coupled with the option to choose between EU and US servers. This means better access to your data and better compliance with local regulations.

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98% customer satisfaction

Developed for every type of business

We built Precoro to work for a wide range of companies by adapting it to your various workflows and requirements. Whether you need it for one user or thousands, Precoro is the system you can stick with for years. See how we help companies in different growth stages.




It's not just about features

3 reasons why 1000+ companies choose Precoro

  • Ease of use

    Set up your account, invite users, upload your data. All set! You can go live with Precoro at your own pace.

  • Value for money

    Precoro has highly transparent, honest pricing with a free 14-day trial to boot. Take it for a spin at any time.

  • Customer support

    Advice and support you can rely on for years. We aim to be your last stop in the search for a procurement solution.

Loved by SMBs and enterprises alike

We started using the system with only one department and then gradually added four more. Precoro helps us with managing the company’s budgets and matching Invoices against Purchase Orders so we can focus on strategic tasks. David G., CFO at Cheerz
We use Precoro as an all-in-one solution to control and automate the entire procurement workflow, from creating POs to managing the supplier database. With the catalog, we've drastically reduced the time spent issuing purchase orders and requests and tracking their status. Plus, our managers easily approve on-the-go via phone. Barend L., Procurement Manager at Bolloré Transport & Logistics
With its budgets module, visual analytics and reports, Precoro helped us obtain complete control on all of our spends. Plus, it has the most User-friendly interface. With Precoro, we have our spend management and purchasing process smoothed out in one tool. Leah D., Budget Officer at SupportNinja
Precoro had the best price point on the purchasing systems market. Other systems that we looked at had either too many or not enough features. It is also significant that the system is easy to learn and use. Our dedicated manager got us onboard in less than 2 weeks. Bill J., VP of Finance and Administration at Greater Palm Springs
Support Ninja
Palm Springs
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