Effortless purchasing for construction teams with Precoro and Home Depot integration

Replace tedious data entry with accurately populated order details. Shop on Home Depot, add items to your cart, and watch as your PR documents in Precoro automatically fill with the correct order information for seamless approvals.

Home depot integration
Simple. Quick. Accurate.

Just a few easy steps stand between you and completing your order

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Shop from Home Depot's extensive catalog and use Precoro's easy-to-navigate platform for quick approvals and record-keeping.

Create request

Shop on Home Depot

Submit purchase


Receive your order


less manual data entry

Shop easy, buy smart

Prioritize what matters most and let automation handle the rest

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Order faster for your company

Respond faster to the needs of your company. With Precoro and Home Depot Integration, you'll noticeably speed up the time between product selection and a ready Home Depot purchase order.

Ensure accuracy with automated data transfer

Say goodbye to manual errors that can occur with traditional data entry. Automated data transfer ensures that all product information—from pricing to quantities—is accurately reflected in Precoro.

Stay in control of spending

Track every aspect of your Home Depot purchase requests, like who initiated, who approved, and what was ordered. Gain full visibility and control over your expenditures with detailed insights in Precoro.

Enjoy effortless shopping

Procuring supplies for your building projects has never been easier. No need for technical expertise. Just log in, choose your items, and submit for approval—and your Home Depot purchase is processed seamlessly.

Automation = efficiency

Setting up is as simple as ABC


Configure the integration

Contact a Home Depot representative for configuration details.


Customize your Precoro account

Set up user roles and approval workflows in Precoro.


Start shopping

Place your first order and see how simple Home Depot procurement can be.

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