Unlock Simple, Trackable Purchase Requests with Precoro

Easily submit purchase requests and new vendor requests with custom forms that guide you through the process and help you provide all the necessary context. Stay updated on order statuses through instant email and Slack notifications.

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  • 80%

    less manual data entry

  • 2.5x

    faster approval process

  • 3x

    faster retrieval of orders

Real-time request tracking

Keep an eye on the progress of your request and know where it stands at any given moment with notifications and audit trails, so there's less redundant communication and more transparency.

Real-time request tracking

Streamlined approvals

Expedite the approval process with automated workflows, cutting down on waiting periods and speeding up purchase request turnovers. Your request will be automatically routed to the right people.

Streamlined approvals

Collaborative communication

Simplify communication with request collaborators. Maintain context by leaving notes, attaching files, and using in-app chat to interact with your team in one central location.

Collaborative communication

Easy ordering from preferred suppliers

Browse through unlimited product catalogs from your preferred suppliers to quickly order what you need and get it on time.

Easy ordering from preferred suppliers

Budget visibility

Ensure that your manager and approvers have clear insight into the budgetary impact of each purchase for smoother approvals.

Budget visibility
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Why Precoro?

  • Unparalleled visibility

    Keep a real-time tab on the progress of your purchase requests. Stay on top of any changes in the purchase requisition approval process with timely notifications and audit trail.

  • Ease of use

    No more cumbersome forms and tickets. Place orders using customizable purchase request templates, add notes and attachments, and loop in relevant stakeholders.

  • Automation

    With automated dynamic workflow routing, approval notifications and reminders, and pre-configured document coding, you can be confident that orders will be processed on time.

  • Exceptional support

    Onboard Precoro in just 2-4 weeks with the help of our customer success team. Plus, we work 24/5 to offer guidance, provide support, and answer any questions you may have.

Customer experience

Results that speak louder: Learn how teams worldwide boosted their purchasing process

Key achievements:

  • 100% faster approvals
  • 200% faster ordering process
  • Real-time budget tracking for cost center owners

Precoro is utilized for:

  • Purchase requests
  • Purchase orders
  • Approval workflows
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98% customer satisfaction

Favorite procurement tool of 1000+ companies worldwide

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