Purchase Order Software

Purchase order process

software serves many essential procurement and e-purchasing business processes. It helps with creating purchase orders (POs), transmitting POs to suppliers, reconciling supplier invoices to POs and contracts and more.

Key features

Rules engine for PO to invoice reconciliation (accounts payable automation)
PO to contract reconciliation
Integrated spend analysis and reporting
Expense reporting and management
ERP integrations

Key benefits

Automation of accounts payable (AP) processes. Purchase order management software eliminates the necessity for manual matching with rules engines, improving efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.
Better control over expenditures. Features such as e-catalogs through which employees can make purchases, supplier information databases and rules for creating POs and reporting expenses ensure that employees’ purchasing habits comply with organizational policies to reduce spending.
Paperless processing. By eliminating the use of paper in crucial areas, these solutions can offer dramatic savings.
Integrated reporting and spend visibility. E purchasing system offer dashboards as well as ad hoc reporting interfaces to ensure better visibility into expenditures throughout the organization.
Improved purchasing workflows. User-friendly interfaces with built-in approvals workflows, as well as remote and mobile access to the system, simplify complex purchasing processes.