Some of Your Questions

Precoro LLC is a spend managment solutions provider We help companies achieve their goals by creating effective e-procurement processes and automation, providing Source-to-Settle processes.
There are several reasons:
  • For full control of all the orders that the company does
  • To set up a simple and transparent order confirmations process
  • To optimize labor resources in order to simplify and accelerate the procurement process
  • To create a procurement process that will ensure timely delivery of necessary products to maintain core business
  • To keep track of the basic indicators of procurement performance (KPIs), comparing them from month to month
  • For simplification of accounting
  • You can use Precoro as a standalone software product for internal procurement process. He does not intersect and do not interfere with your other systems. If you want to integrate Precoro with your accounting system, please let us know in writing at
    • You make a request for demonstration.
    • Precoro representative conducts introduction call / meeting to determine your basic needs
    • You get demo access on Precoro.
    • Start using and make the first requests!
    It depends on needs of your company - from 1 day to 14 days. Companies that have up to 10 users can start using Precoro just today.
    Please leave your contact details by link and we will contact you to determine the next steps.
    You can view the pricing on the Pricing page. The cost of using Precoro depends on the number of users.
    Involvement of IT-specialists depends on whether you need to Precoro integrate with your software. If integration is necessary, involvement of IT-specialists is necessary on your part. If integration is not needed, the involvement of IT-specialist is not required.
    Yes, Customer Success Manager (or Team) will accompany your company all the way through the use Precoro.

    The main objective of Customer Success Manager - to provide maximum utility and satisfaction from using Precoro

    To get an answer to any question you can write in our online chat on the website or email
    If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it using the form "Reset Password" In your e-mail will receive a letter with a password recovery data.
    Sure! Please, leave a request to get a demo access by clicking this link.
    No, Precoro is cloud-based solution that does not require installation on your computer. To get started, just be sure you have access to the Internet.
    Precoro allows you to configure the internal procurement process, and not involved in document workflow.

    Precoro and your accounting system are used as two separate software: first you initiate and conduct the procurement process in Precoro, then you pay bills and manage documents workflow in your accounting system.

    If necessary, you can configure the integration between Precoro and your accounting system.

    There are several options for training to work in Precoro:
    • 1. Training by the knowledge base. Precoro workflow is simply described in the documentation.
    • 2. Training video.Precoro workflow is visually presented in videos.
    • 3. Personal Training. Precoro’s Customer Success manager provides training for the required number of your employees.