Some of Your Questions

Precoro LLC is a cloud-based spending management solution provider. We help companies achieve their goals by creating effective, e-procurement processes and automation, in addition to providing Source-to-Settle processes.
Precoro is used to create purchase requests and send purchase orders to suppliers through an approval workflow. Afterwards, it’s also used to manage receiving of items and create pay requests. Precoro allows you to store a PO history with attached documents, manage budgets and create your expense reports.
There are several reasons:
  • For full control of all the orders that the company does
  • To set up a simple and transparent order confirmation process
  • To optimize labor resources, in order to simplify and accelerate the procurement process
  • To create a procurement process that will ensure the timely delivery of necessary products to maintain the core business
  • To keep track of the basic indicators of the procurement performance (KPIs), comparing them from month to month
  • For simplification of accounting
  • Construction, marketing, nonprofits, offices, schools, software companies, property development, and sports teams.
  • Companies which are actively growing and currently using paper-based or excel purchase orders.
  • Companies which handle multiple purchases from different locations.
  • Absolutely! Non-profits can receive preferred rates on all annual plans. Just tell us about your organization and we'll work it out with you. If you’re an Enterprise level non-profit, please Contact Us for further details.
    1. Make a request for a demonstration.
    2. A Precoro representative conducts an introductory call / meeting to determine your basic needs.
    3. You get a FREE 14-day Trial on Precoro.
    4. Start using and achieving the first results!
    We guarantee 24/7 Customer Support Service, which includes your Personal Solution Manager and Online chat Support team. In addition, we will help you train employees in how to use Precoro, saving you time and money.
    Precoro is supported on iOS, Android, and webapp.
    Yes, we use certified US servers and do everyday backups. The level of your data security is 99,9%.
    You can use Precoro as a standalone software product for the internal procurement process. It does not intersect nor interfere with your other systems. If you’d like to integrate Precoro with your accounting system, please let us know in writing to email.
    Yes, just provide us with the name of the software you need to connect and the basic requirements.
    We use the most stable and trusted US cloud-server and with everyday backups, the safety of your data is 99,9% Also, you can easily store all your data by exporting the report in PO to your computer.
    Precoro can be billed monthly or annually. In the case of annual payment, the customer receives a discount of 30% off the yearly price. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. When it comes to payments, clients are always invoiced. You can check additional information of our pricing here.
    There are several options for training to work with Precoro:
    1. Training via knowledge base. The Precoro workflow is described in the documentation.
    2. Training video. The Precoro workflow is visually presented in videos.
    3. Personal Training. A Precoro’s Customer Success manager provides training for the required number of employees.
    To get an answer, to any question, you can write in our online chat on the website or email.
    The Standard User is a user who can create queries and has access to the following roles and functions:
    • Receive and Purchase request
    • Receiving
    • Request for payment
    • Payment
    The Power User is a user who can create orders, approve all requests and has access to settings and analytics. He/She has access to the following roles and functions
    • Approval (all requests and order)
    • Purchase order
    • Reports
    • Setting up
    • Budgets
    • Management of suppliers
    The role is limiting and defines the boundaries of access to certain functionalities on The name of the role corresponds to a specific function.
    The balance is the amount of funds that is available on the account of the client company to pay for Precoro services. The balance of the client company is in US dollars. Also, the date is indicated when the balance will be exhausted. The balance of the client company should always be positive, and the amount of balance must be sufficient for the period of use of Precoro for that calendar month.
    Replenishment of the balance is the transfer of funds to the account of the client company after payment of the invoice. The funds are credited in US dollars at the exchange rate on the date of invoicing.

    Write-off of funds from the balance is a monthly withdrawal of funds from the balance of the client company to pay for Precoro services.