Precoro + QuickBooks integration: Remove "manual" from your workflows

Best integration for efficient teamwork: auto-sync all data and let Precoro create invoices for you. Automates even more with full support of QuickBooks + workflow.

Sync everything: subsidiaries, locations, budgets, POs, bills, suppliers, and more

Quickbooks Sync
Automation made simple

Integration process as simple as 1, 2, 3. No technical skills needed

  1. Configure your way

    Choose documents and data you want to sync.

  2. Out-of-the-box setup

    Connect Precoro to QuickBooks in 5 minutes.

  3. Save 60% of time

    Empower your finance and procurement teams.

Integration demo

See for yourself how easy it is to integrate Precoro and QuickBooks

If integrating seems complicated and daunting to you, it's time to dispel this myth. Rethink your purchasing and accounting processes and reap the benefits straight away.

Quickbooks Integration
Two-way synchronization

QuickBooks integration features our customers love

Leave complicated approval workflows and error-prone manual data entry in the past where they belong. Tracking budget and processing bills could hardly be easier.

Quickbooks Integrational Steps

Automated data entry for your invoices

Generate invoices from POs and pre-fill all the data fields automatically. Track payment statuses and match paid invoices with budgets for complete control over your spendings.

Built to keep your data secure

Set up any approval workflows you need, choose what access level each employee should have, and make sure they log in securely. Precoro fully supports SSO and 2-factor authentication.

QuickBooks + workflow support

Are you using with QuickBooks? Create POs in Precoro, automatically send invoices to Quickbooks, and pay them in Precoro perfectly covers this workflow and ensures all three systems work in sync.

Sync POs, bills, suppliers, and more

Whether you create, approve, revise, or cancel requisitions and Purchase Orders in Precoro, they'll match up in QuickBooks. Sync classes, departments, chart of accounts, customers, projects, suppliers, products — everything you need.

98% customer satisfaction

Favorite procurement tool of 1000+ companies worldwide

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