Transform your shopping experience with Precoro and emapp Marketplace integration

Replace long-lasting internet searches for required goods. Establish a brand-new and efficient purchasing process while ensuring better products at a better price for your company.

Emapp Marketplace integration
Enhanced purchasing

Handle healthcare purchasing with ease

Browse multiple supplier catalogs and websites in emapp Marketplace, create your shopping carts with minimal effort, and automatically generate POs in Precoro without needing to reenter order information multiple times.

  • Easily find items and prices

  • Create a shopping cart in emapp

  • Get the information transferred to Precoro

  • Submit a PO in Precoro

  • Wait for the PO confirmation

  • Receive your order

A duo you'll definitely like

Why is using Precoro and emapp Marketplace integration worth it?

  • Efficient purchasing

    No more tedious manual order placement or processing. Let your employees manage approval workflows, inventory, and the creation of PRs and POs in one – automated – system.

  • Full spending visibility

    Immediately receive all information about each order made within emapp Marketplace in Precoro. Track all purchases and get a clear picture of your company's expenses across various departments, projects, and locations.

  • Cost-saving opportunities

    Compare supplier prices and find the best deals without having to switch back and forth between different marketplaces. Reduce manual intervention in purchasing and eliminate risks such as overspending and order discrepancies.

  • Enhanced supplier management

    Save tons of time searching for the right suppliers. Access a wide list of potential vendors within the emapp Marketplace, evaluate them quickly, and build strong relationships with them in Precoro.

Purchasing = efficiency

You can have an extremely easy shopping experience by following 3 steps

  1. Set up the integration

    Apply the necessary configuration received by a CS representative

  2. Customize your Precoro account

    Set up user roles and approval workflows in Precoro

  3. Experience simplified purchasing

    Place your first order and see how simple things can be

98% customer satisfaction

Favorite procurement tool of 1000+ companies worldwide

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