6 Effective Ways to Reduce Paper Usage

6 Effective Ways to Reduce Paper Usage

There are many different ways for businesses to reduce their paper use and costs.  According to statistics, reductions of almost 20% are possible in most offices.

In today’s article, we’ll outline useful tips to help you implement a cost-saving paper reduction program.

1. Think Before You Print

It is first and probably the most important rule you should strictly follow. The next time you are about to press the print button, ask yourself whether you really need to print the document.

Think more - think twice before printing.

2. Use Both Sides of Paper

Double-sided copying is another easy way to cut costs. Printing on both sides of sheets saves 50% of paper resources at your office. It would be easier for you to follow this rule if you set your printer defaults to double-sided.

3. Take Advantage of Technology

According to recent research, almost 30% reduction in paper usage is possible by means of technology.

Today’s electronic means of communication provide numerous opportunities for businesses to function with far less paper. E-mail, Internet, and document scanners can significantly reduce paper consumption, while also saving time and money.

4. Choose Recycling

Always reuse the paper when it is possible. For example, you can take the benefit of “spoiled” sheets by making notes on them. All the next times you have to buy new paper don’t forget to make sure that it is recycled.

5. Give Preference to Thinner Paper

Even if you don’t notice, the thickness of paper we use makes a big difference. Try to use lower thickness for your printing and copying needs. Using thinner paper is a perfect decision for those who want to save money, without changing the performance. Usually, the reference to the thickness of the paper is placed on the package.

6. Share Your Ideas with Colleagues

As it was already said, reductions of more than 20% are possible in most offices.

Periodically remind your team to follow to comply with the above-mentioned recommendation on reducing paper usage. From time to time ask the staff what they are doing to reduce paper waste. More often remind them that saving paper is not only about protecting the environment, but also about saving a lot of money!

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