precoro product update april 2021

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Product update, April 2021

Supplier document numbers, improvements of Custom Fields, new design, and other improvements for more comfortable usage of Precoro.

Daryna Rodriguez
Daryna Rodriguez

Supplier Receipt # and Supplier Credit Note # in Precoro

Now you can add more custom numbers to your documents! They are shown on document pages and in PDF/XLSX files.

supplier receipt number in precoro

More information on the Supplier Receipt Number you can get here.
To read more about Supplier Credit Note Number, follow this Weekly Update.

Updates on Documents/Products Custom Fields

According to all the requests of our customers, we improved our Custom Fields. Here is a  summary:

  1. We changed the naming of Custom Fields for more comfortable and clear usage of Precoro:
  • Custom Fields for Documents —> Documents Custom Fields
  • Custom Fields for Products —> Products Custom Fields

2. Import of Documents Custom Fields and Products Custom Fields.

To make the setup of your company more automated and reduce manual work, we added a possibility to import Documents and Products Custom Fields.
Use the 'Import Options' button and follow the instructions to add Departments / Projects / Chart of Accounts in bulk.

import of documents custom fields

3. A possibility to enable/disable options in Custom Fields for Documents.

Now you can disable options in your Custom Fields for Documents if they are not needed anymore. As well as make them active again if necessary.

Here how it looks like:

a possibility to enable/disable options in custom fields for documents

A new design of two-factor authentication page

We redesigned our two-factor authentication page to make the setup process more comfortable.

Take a look at how it looks like now:

a new design of two-factor authentication page

An ability to revise documents on "Pending" and "Awaiting confirmation" statuses

The creator/initiator of the document (Invoice, Purchase Order, or another one) can now revise this document while it is not approved yet. So if there was a mistake — you could quickly correct it without sending a document for re-approval.

revizing purchase order with pending status

Revised documents are now highlighted in document lists

If the document was revised after approval — it would be highlighted in the document list. You'll also be notified that this Warehouse Requisition / Purchase Order / Purchase Requisition / Invoice was revised on the document show page.

Here how it looks like:

revised purchase order is highlighted in document lists
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