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Product Update, April 2022

From brand-new exciting integration to managing vacation days, and more flexible sorting and filtering – read how Precoro became even better in April 22.

Marharyta Golobrodska
Marharyta Golobrodska

Integration with Slack

We now offer smooth integration with Slack for managing approvals instantly! Precoro users can now view, approve and reject documents straight from Slack.

This is how the Precoro app looks in the Slack workspace:

precoro and slack integration

It is another convenient way to process documents in the status "waiting for your approval.” See details on how to connect Precoro to your Slack workplace in our help center.

Periodic and Automated Updates in NetSuite Integrated Companies

We keep improving Precoro-NetSuite integration and enabled regular auto-update for:

  • Suppliers
  • Departments
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Classes
  • Customers/Projects

There is no need to turn on this feature, as it’ll be activated on our end. Automatic updates will happen once a week on Monday. You just relax and enjoy how whatever happens in your NetSuite database – we will make sure to keep up.

Every week, we automatically update all:

  • Option names
  • Option Codes (if there are any)
  • Statuses (active/inactive)

For the supplier companies, we’d also update:

  • Names
  • IDs
  • Other integrated data

If the supplier has been removed from the NetSuite, we would automatically deactivate them in Precoro.

Switch on Vacation Mode and Assign a Backup Approver to Take Your Place

We have introduced Vacation Mode – you can now go hiking or sunbathing by the ocean and have no worries that something will go unnoticed at work.

There is now a Vacation Mode tab in the User’s profile settings, where you can switch on the Vacation Mode and set dates when you’re away.

On vacation days, your status will be changed to “away” and displayed as such:

  • In filters
  • On the documents list
  • On the document show page
  • On the document’s edit page
  • In comments
  • In the Approval Workflow
  • On the budgets list page — for a budget holder
  • In the users’ list
an example of displaying status away on the purchase order

And to make sure that no approval flow is stalled while you’re away, we’ve introduced the possibility of assigning a Backup Approver.

You can opt for the Backup Approver right under the Vacation Mode settings: turn on the switch and select Approvers for each type of document you are the approver of.

profile settings to turn on vacation mode and backup approver
menu to assign backup approvers to different document types

The backup approver will:

  • Get approval emails;
  • Be displayed in documents and approval workflow;
  • Be displayed on the Company Users page.

Further Changes in the Re-approval after the Documents' Revision

Earlier in March, we started improving re-approval flow after Purchase Order revision. We’ve also done so for Invoices, Purchase Requests, Warehouse Requests, Receipts, and Expenses.

For all of the above, Precoro won’t trigger the re-approval if there are no changes made. Then there are specific cases when re-approval won’t be needed.

For Invoices and Expenses – when:

  • Changing Items Custom Fields if the Budget or Budget Line remains the same;
  • Changing Items Custom Fields if the document's budget does not include any Items Custom Fields.

For PRs and WRs – when changes were made to the Items Custom Fields only.

For Receipts – when there were changes of Items Custom Fields only.

Active/Inactive Column Removed from Suppliers and Items Imports

Imports have become even simpler after we’ve removed the Active [0=Inactive 1=Active] column. This column was required for Suppliers and Items imports.

inactive and active column is removed from the inputs

Now, all Suppliers and Items are imported as active by default.

The Description Field Added to Items in all Documents

The description field is now displayed in the following documents:

  • Purchase Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Invoice
  • Request For Proposal
  • Warehouse Request
  • Stock Transfer

This field can be edited and adjusted as needed for the particular Document – even if the item was added from the Catalog with a predefined description.

item description field in the purchase order

The description has also been added to the PO and PR PDF/XLSX documents.

purchase order pdf document example

Create Transfer Without Warehouse Request

It’s now possible to manually create transfers (inventory consumption) without creating WR. The process is similar to Manual PO creation.

Go to Inventory and select “Create Inventory Consumption.” The form consists of:

  • Transfer date
  • Location
  • Post to warehouse

After filling out the form, you'll be redirected to the same page as basic Stock Transfer creation (except with no DCFs). On this transfer page, you’ll be able to add products from the Item Management.

Please note: only inventory items can be added.

the process of creating inventory consumption

The Purchase Order Number can now be Hidden Before approval

After this feature is activated in the admin, the PO number will be hidden until the document is approved. This way numbering sequence becomes more transparent, including only POs accepted for further processing.

If the feature is turned on:

  • The “###” will be shown in the list of documents instead of the PO number.
  • The [Generated after approval] text will be displayed on the document page instead of the custom number and in the document title.
  • The document number will be hidden on the preview page, emails and reports.
purchase order with the hidden number on the list
purchase order details with hidden number

Updates for Even Better Browsing and Navigation

Even when integrations and massive tasks are in development, we make sure to invest in a user-friendly and meaningful interface. This month, we’ve focused on sorting and filtering in several places across the system, where our customers have suggested it’d be helpful.

You can sort Items by Items Custom Fields on the Item Management page.

You can now sort Users in alphabetical order:

  • By e-mail address
  • By Full Name

You can also filter Users by available or unavailable Documents Custom Fields and Locations.

And a nice bonus for your e-mails

When an e-mail is sent from Precoro, your company’s name is displayed at the beginning of the subject. We want to make sure that whichever supplier an e-mail goes to, they know to open it promptly ;-)

email with company name in the subject
Product Updates

Marharyta Golobrodska

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