precoro plan for Q3 of 2020

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What we are going to work on in Q3

Here you can learn about our product roadmap

Daryna Rodriguez
Daryna Rodriguez

Nataliia here from Precoro. Thank you for using Precoro day by day. As a Product Owner, I want to make sure that your user experience becomes better every day. So, I will share with you some future product updates.

QuickBooks Integration Improvement

Precoro will send some new data points to the QuickBooks:

  • Classes
  • Customers
  • Departments
  • Projects

Also, we will improve items integration:

  • You will be able to select whether you need to integrate catalog or no;
  • Items that were integrated will be sent as items in products&services
  • Items that were not integrated or added as empty rows will be sent as categories;
quickbooks bill screen

Credit Note

A credit note is considered as a negative invoice. With credit note, you can close your Invoice when you are returning goods or getting discounts.

Credit Note will adjust your budget and inventory amounts.

Budgets for cost centers and items

You can allocate your Budget at the document level, e.g., assign one Purchase Order to one Budget.

With Budget for cost centers, you will be able to allocate your budgets at the items level.

UI improvement of forms of the document creation

This improvement will shorten the time to create orders and invoices.

page of purchase order creation in precoro

Rights delegation and Vacation mode

When you disable some users, you will be able to select a substitute user who will be responsible for revising/matching/editing old documents.
Your teammates may select a substitute user when they are going for some vacation.

Product Updates

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