Introducing New US-Based Data Server

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Introducing New US-Based Data Server

Precoro's services have leveled up! We've improved geographical capabilities for our American customers with the launch of our new US data server – now fully operational.

Tetiana Katrych
Tetiana Katrych

With our customer base spreading across the globe, it's vital that our infrastructure keeps pace. The new US-based data server, alongside our existing EU facility, provides a dual-server system. This ensures a more localized and responsive service for our customers in different regions. Initially, this server will cater to our customers in the United States, with plans to extend its services to companies from Canada and Latin America.

What Are the Benefits of the New US Server?

benefit of the us server

Different Server, Same Quality

Despite the geographical expansion, our core promise remains unchanged – to offer a unified Precoro experience across all servers. This means that no matter where our customers are, whether in the EU or the US, they will have access to the same comprehensive features and functionality that Precoro is known for.

Enhanced Data Availability

The launch of our US server brings with it the significant advantage of localized data storage, offering our American customers enhanced data availability. This move is especially beneficial for companies that prioritize data sovereignty.

No Extra Fees

True to our philosophy of providing exceptional value, the introduction of our new US server does not affect our pricing structure. Our customers can enjoy the benefits of this regional enhancement without any additional financial burden.

Time to Switch to the US Server?

We are fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our existing customers. Our team will personally reach out to each company, offering them the choice to move and guiding them through the process if they opt to do so. For new customers, the choice of server will be available right at the account setup stage. Thus everyone has the flexibility to choose the server that best suits their needs.

What's Next

The addition of our US server is a stride in our mission to provide a customer-centric, reliable, and efficient product.

We are excited about this new chapter in the Precoro story and look forward to bringing even more enhancements to our users around the world. Stay with us on this journey, and thank you for your continued trust in Precoro!


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