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Product Update, July 2021

Last month, we launched the Prepayments feature, upgraded our integrations with QuickBooks and NetSuite, and made a few improvements in the Documents.

Lora Arbuzova
Lora Arbuzova

Prepayments — a Brand-New Feature

Prepayments is a brand-new feature in Precoro. It allows you to prepay Purchase Orders and see all the prepayments against Purchase Orders and Invoices with a new Prepaid status.

prepayments of purchase orders in precoro

All orders with prepayment selected as a payment term are available by clicking on the info card in the Orders list.

If you want to know more about prepayments in Precoro — please, check out this article in our knowledge base.

Changeable Location and Supplier Parameters

With our July update, it is now possible to change Location in Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Warehouse Requests, Invoices, and Supplier in Purchase Orders and Invoices.

We have ensured to make this process fast and straightforward. Here you can see how to change the location in the approved Purchase Order:

changing location in the approved purchase order

Go to our Weekly Update article to learn more about this new function.

RFP Attachments in Purchase Orders

We continue adding attachments from related documents to quick access to improve and speed up your workflow.

Now Precoro will display all attachments connected to a Request for Proposal in the corresponding Purchase Order.

To find attachments, you can navigate to the related Requests for Proposal directly from your Purchase Order  — just click the Show Requests button.

request for proposal attachments in purchase orders

Approval Date in the Documents

The Approval Date will appear in the Document status once the final approval is granted. This way, you can easily track how long it took to process the document.

approval date in the documents

NetSuite Integration Updates

We had some cool updates with the NetSuite integration in the previous month:

  1. Synchronization of Precoro Users and NetSuite Employees
    The Precoro Users can be matched with the NetSuite Employee fields. They will be displayed in the integrated documents in the NetSuite Requested by field. You can synchronize these fields with a single click.
  2. Integration of the Vendor Code <—> SKU and Primary Vendor <—> Supplier between NetSuite and Precoro in catalog items / NS items
    The Vendor Code from NetSuite is now matched with the SKU field in Precoro.

QuickBooks Integration Upgrade

We've changed the way we integrate suppliers' contacts. As you know, you can add multiple emails to the vendor's profile in QuickBooks and separate them with the comma. Now, all these emails will be added as separate contacts to the supplier's profile in Precoro.

Product Updates

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