Mass Approval

The average number of documents approved by Precoro users per month is 25. As you know, the essential purpose of Precoro is to automate the purchasing and procurement process. Now you can quickly approve documents in bulk.

How it works:

  • Open ‘Pending’ info-card;
  • Filter out the documents you need, select the ones that should be approved, and press ‘Approve selected’.

Enhanced QuickBooks integration

We included Chart of accounts, Classes, Departments, and changed the way we integrate items. You can select what to integrate with QuickBooks:

1. Chart of accounts * - this setting is required. Precoro imports your QuickBooks accounts as a cost center.

In Precoro, we have three ways to send items to QuickBooks.

  • Case 1. You are not tracking the Catalog and (or) Inventory in QuickBooks.
    In this case, each item of a Purchase Order or an Invoice is assigned to one account in QuickBooks, and transactions are created by category. You need to select one of the accounts at the item level in every Purchase Order or Invoice. This option outlines the expense head for the item.
  • Case 2. You are using 'Products and services catalog' and (or) tracking Inventory in QuickBooks.
    In this case, your QuickBooks transactions should be created against the QuickBooks catalog types of items (e.g., Inventory/ Service /Non-inventory items) and correspondent Chart of accounts.
    You need to sync products in the Precoro and QuickBooks catalogs:
    - Export your 'products and services' from QuickBooks;
    - Import this file to Precoro;
    - Press 'Sync products' in the integration settings.
    The Chart of Accounts will be assigned to the items against the QuickBooks catalog when importing a Purchase Order or Invoice.
  • Case 3. You want to mix catalog items and category expenses.
    In this case, you need to import your catalog from QuickBooks and sync it with Precoro. You can add non-catalog items as empty rows as well. Integrated items will be sent to QuickBooks as items, and empty rows will be sent as a category.

2. Classes - this setting is optional. You can assign Classes per line item in POs and Invoices. Precoro imports Classes as a Cost Center and sends them to QuickBooks with each Order or Invoice at the item level.

3. Departments -  this setting is optional. Precoro imports Departments as a Document Cost Center so you are able to assign and department per entire document.

How it works:

Value Discounts in Invoices and Orders

You can select what type of discount to apply on items. All discounts will be counted before taxes.

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