precoro product update may 2021

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Product update, May 2021

Substitute users, Blanket PO per total amount, payment module changes, and other significant improvements!

Daryna Rodriguez
Daryna Rodriguez

Substitute users

It is essential to have the possibility to delegate documents and actions to another user. Precoro can ensure that your processes will not be disrupted even if the key employee leaves the company.

Now, you can choose a substitute when disabling a user. Precoro will ask the substitute to take some actions in the disabled user's documents. All documents will be delegated along with the required actions.

The process of selecting the substitute is very straightforward:

the process of selecting the substitute users

Blanket Purchase Order per Total Amount

A new type of Blanket Purchase Order for orders with a fixed amount is now available in Precoro. Multiple Invoices can be charged against the same PO within the established time frame until the pre-defined total amount is exceeded.

How it works:

  • Create a Blanket Purchase Order per total;
  • Post any Invoices;
  • Precoro will require re-approval when the total amount of a BPO will be exceeded.
blanket purchase order

To know more about how it works, read this article.

Disabling the Payment module

Not all processes require payment tracking. So now, it is possible to turn off the Payment module in Precoro if you don't use it. In just a few clicks, you can turn the payment module on and off:

disabling the payment module

Removal option for integrated options in Products Custom Fields

We added a possibility to edit the list of your integrated Charts of Accounts, Cost Centers, or other Products Custom Fields.

Now you can delete integrated options that are not required for your procurement process.

deleting integrated options in products custom fields

Expanded capabilities of Requests for Proposals and Receipts

  • Revision for Receipts

Expanded document editing capabilities: revise Receipts on 'pending' and 'received' statuses in Precoro.

  • Reject of the Request for Proposals

Proposals in the Supplier Portal can be quickly rejected. If you reject all the proposal items, Precoro will automatically change the document's status to 'Rejected'.

Recurring documents improvement

More flexibility for recurring documents. The documents can be made recurring if they are on 'pending' or 'in revision' status. The status of created recurring document will be set according to the company's approval workflow.

Product Updates

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