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Requests and approvals

Simplify the ordering process for everyone

Ensure timely delivery of required goods and services. Allow your colleagues to submit any type of request in a few clicks and track the status of each document in real time. Create approval workflows of any complexity to ensure all inquiries are automatically routed to the right stakeholders.

PR screen
AP automation

Reduce invoice processing time and control all transactions

Receive, record, and approve invoices within one platform. Process invoices 2 times faster with OCR and generate automatically pre-filled documents. Make sure there are no discrepancies or duplicated payments using Precoro’s 2- and 3-way matching.

AP screen
Supplier management

Streamline cooperation with suppliers

Collaborate with your vendors within one platform: store their catalogs, engage them in the RFP process, order items directly via Precoro, and more. Ensure the quality of received goods or services, negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions, and prevent supply chain disruptions.

Purchase order screen
Control and analytics

Increase transparency over all procurement activities

Consolidate all procurement-related data in one place to gain complete visibility over spending. Minimize the risk of unauthorized purchases by setting up budget limits. Analyze your expenditures using Precoro’s custom report builder to identify savings opportunities.

Budgets screen

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