How to track orders?

How to track orders?

Companies can work differently with receipts :

A receipt is recorded centrally by a responsible employee due to the document from a supplier (an invoice, act).

This method helps to consolidate information in one place and simplify the process, but there is still a possible chance for an error, because, in fact, a receipt may be different.

Receipt is fixed by an employee in the warehouse after the goods are received. Although this method requires involvement of specific recipients and may take longer, it provides more accurate information about the delivered goods.In order to use the "Receipt" function in Precoro, make sure:

that it is included in the company's back offic (Settings → Basic → Receipt)

that the responsible employees have defined the role of Receipt (Settings → User Management → Required User → Edit → Roles)

How to create and edit a receipt in Precoro?

Click "+" or "Create Receipt" on the "Receipt" page.

Select "Purchase Order" which you want to create a receipt of

Specify the date of receipt and the receipt number (invoice / account number of the supplier or the company's internal number)

Add the number of received and cancelled goods for each item (cancelled ones are those that a supplier doesn't have and they will not be delivered, or those that have been returned to a supplier)

Save all the data.

In order to obtain results of the Receipt use, it is necessary to control the delivery of goods by suppliers.This can be done on the Receipt Dashboard. Here you can always see a list of orders that have already been partially received or are just waiting for delivery of goods.

For more detailed information on the delivery of goods for a specific order, you can view the history of receipt directly in the order.

Please, note that the receipt history will be viewable only if you have received the "Receipt" role.

For example, you have been defined with a role of the Purchase Order and the Purchasing Order Approval. In this case, you will not see the "Receipt History" button on the order page.

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