FAQ for the suppliers portal users

FAQ for the suppliers portal users

1. I do not have time to create an account before shipment.

At your own risk, you can specify all changes in the order with the customer in the comments to the order or by phone, ship the goods and after creating the account and send for approval to the client.

Please note - all invoices will be returned and will not be paid if they do not have an approved account with Precoro.

2. I have too many orders, I do not want to make bills.

As a supplier, you have to process customer orders and check what you can deliver and what not. An invoice or an invoice is generated in one way or another in your account system. If there is too much discrepancy between the order and the invoice, it may be worthwhile to work on your catalog and make it more relevant.

To update the catalog, please contact

If you still can not make bills for each order - let's integrate. And We will be able to transfer orders directly to you in 1s, and from 1s we will receive the accounts you generate. In order to integrate, you will need the services of the developer 1s, as well as the work of our developers.

For integration, please contact

3. I need to change the delivery date in the order.

Write about this comment in the order or call the customer. Only the initiator of the order can change the delivery date. Precoro Support does not have access to changing delivery dates.

4. The orders come in incorrect.

Delivery date does not take into account our terms
The minimum order amount was not met
In the cases described above, please write to your e-mail your delivery time and the minimum amount for the order, as well as the order number and the company name from which such an order came.

Prices do not correspond to our price list for the customer / Precoro
In this case, send, please, the current price to the mail If these are individual prices that were determined during the tender for the client - please send the prices to the customer (the initiator of the order responsible for the suppliers in the company).

For the relevance of the catalog with prices common to all customers, the Precoro support team is responsible.

For the actuality of individual prices for the client, the customer himself answers.

Here you can see the list of suppliers whose catalogs are supported by Precoro.

List of suppliers 1b1c

5. I created (a) an account, having previously approved the changes with the client by phone, but no confirmation, and I need payment.

Most likely the client simply forgot, call him or write. If the situation is critical, please put in a copy of the letter to

6.If the order was a refund, what to do with the documents?

If this is the documents of the current month, the date is not earlier than 15 days ago - write to us, please, on the email the account number where you need to replace the documents and send the document itself. If this account is not yet submitted to the client in the consolidated account (we do this on the 15th and 30th every month). We will ask the customer to cancel the account, and then you can re-give the account with the new data.

We ask you to act in such cases exactly as described, because:

we will also receive the invoices
write out invoices and tax invoices to customers, which in this case are adjusted
If, however, the invoice to the customer has already been issued, we will issue a return receipt

7.The payment is overdue.

Write, please, the invoice number, the amount and date of payment to the mail Preliminary, we ask you to check whether the original documents have been sent to us and whether the account has been confirmed by the client.

Accounting works in a remote mode, therefore by phone, it will not turn out to be possible. But we will try to answer the letter as soon as possible.


8. I need signed and printed invoices.

Write, please, the list of documents and the address where to send them to the mail


9. We need to adjust the delivery date in the invoice because we do not have time to register the tax invoice.

Write, please, the number and date of the invoice consignment note + the number and date of the tax invoice to the


10. I have changed my work mail, or I need to add additional mail.

As you probably already guessed), please write to the mail


11.Why should I write to mail, it's easier for me to call.

We have a ticketing system that is linked to the mail, in which the responsible manager works and processes all requests.

The company's management keeps track of all outstanding requests and the speed of replies. And we also have a history of appeals, which we re-read and use to improve our service.

For example, if we have a lot of requests for changing mail or adding a new user, we will add this feature to the


12. It is not convenient for me to use the personal office of the post-office worker and I have ideas about how it would be better and more convenient.

Please describe all your ideas in the mail Further, your request will be forwarded to the development department, where each request is considered, evaluated and if it is realizable and will be used by the majority of users - we will do it (requests are implemented at our discretion and as the development department downloads).

We ask you not to contact us with accusations "You must do this", and take into account that we act within the interests of clients and internal rules of the company.


13. How much does Precoro cost?

For suppliers access is free, for customers who manage their purchases in Precoro pricing can be found here.


14. There are not enough goods in the catalog that customers could order, how to add them?

Send, price to the mail We reserve the right to edit the list of products. Pricing remains unchanged. However, we track average market prices, and if your prices are too high - we will ask you to reduce them or we will hold a tender and choose a supplier with good working conditions.


15. How do I get a customer who uses Precoro? How to make, so that customers of Precoro order from us?

Precoro has a list of selected suppliers in several categories. We reserve the right to change the list of these suppliers.

We do not insist on the use of selected suppliers by customers. The catalogs of selected suppliers can be provided to any of our customers upon request.

Every Precoro client has the ability to use absolutely any supplier.

What we do, in order for customers to use the selected suppliers:

  • we give simple and understandable rules of work
  • update the catalog
  • we agree on good working conditions that will be convenient for the customer, supplier, and Precoro.

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