Suppliers portal

Suppliers portal

What is the Suppliers portal?
This is your personal access provider to the page where all your orders that customers have made will be displayed.

What are the options for the Suppliers portal:

  • the new order is displayed in the list, and the indicator shows how many orders you have not yet processed
  • in each order, you can write a comment to the client and get a reply
  • for each order, you can create an account and send it to the customer
  • you can attach a document scan to the account
  • the account can be rejected by the client, in which case you can still edit the account and send it back to the client again

What needs to be done to ensure that the delivered deliveries have been paid for:

  • open an order
  • Create an account based on prices and goods that you can provide
  • send to client for approval
  • wait for approval and make delivery
  • Attach an invoice to the bill

Further, all the accounts approved by the customers are paid to the supplier in accordance with the conditions prescribed in your contract with PRECORO.

Step-by-step instruction "How to create accounts"

  1. You received a message in the mail about the new order.

The letter also contains the file with the order.

2. You go to Precoro in the order list and open the necessary order.

3. Click to create an account and make all necessary adjustments. If you have questions that need to be clarified with the client - please write a comment - the client will receive a notification and will be able to answer you.

When creating an account, you can edit everything you need - quantity, price, delete the goods or add a new one.

You can attach documents and write a comment.

4. The created account must be confirmed and sent to the client.

When the account is confirmed (rejected) - you will receive a message.

In case the account is rejected, it is necessary to correct it and send it again. If the reason for the declined account is not in the comments - contact the client.


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