Suppliers, Contract and Catalog management

Suppliers, Contract and Catalog management

Here stages that starts procurement process:

Step 1: Need Recognition – This is a seemingly obvious step, but one that needs to be mentioned. A business owner (or procurement department) must recognize a product is needed in order to purchase it. That product can be either a brand new item, or one that is being re-ordered.

Step 2: Specific Need – Does your industry have specific requirements for various products. If that is the case in your industry, be sure you are up-to-date on those requirements and order accordingly.

Step 3: Source/Examine Supplier Options – Every business needs to determine where to get their goods. Some companies have an approved vendor’s list (this is a recommended practice) while others are still trying to determine who the best suppliers are. Once a supplier is chosen, companies should stick with that relationship and try to establish preferred pricing.

Step 4: Price and Terms – Once a supplier is chosen, companies should stick with that relationship and try to establish preferred pricing and specific terms (i.e. delivery).

Strategic sourcing solution and specified needs helps you to get fit suppliers. You have a suppliers database after were signed contracts and specifications.

This contract and specifications are the rules guarantee companies needs will be procured in a right order/quantity/quality.

If you make procurement within the contract and specifications you follow the procurement policy.

In Precoro you can use suppliers and contract management:

  • In this option available:creating supplier profile
  • adding company legal entities

  • adding suppliers contract linked to legal entity

  • manage suppliers catalog

To create new supplier, legal entity or contract:

  • press menu btn (Manage Suppliers e. g.)

  • type all required fields

  • press create

To edit supplier, legal entity or contract:

  • press menu btn (Manage Suppliers e. g.)

  • choose right supplier/legal entity/contract (use filters to find smth)

  • hover your mouse over a column "Action" and press Edit btn.

  • edit information and press Update btn.

To manage suppliers catalog firs add required configurations:

  • add units and categories

To add information:

  • press menu btn (Manage Units)

  • press Add btn

  • type and press Ok btn

You can press Enable switch off/on to use or not use some options.

Then finally add products to catalog:

  • press menu btn

  • press Add btn

  • type required information and choose image

  • press Add btn

Additional options in catalog:

  • bulk product adding - import

  • update prices

  • drag-and-drop adding image

  • limit access to catalog per user

Bulk adding product - use Import products btn:

  • press Import products btn

  • press Get product template

  • type required information

  • press Submit import

Update prices:

  • press Update prices btn

  • choose supplier and press Export supplier's price list btn

  • edit proces in file and save

  • choose supplier and select file with updated price list

  • press Import btn

Drag-and-drop adding image it is a simple function - choose a picture, draw and throw to the required product.

To limit access to the catalog per user you can use Product groups:

  • press Product groups btn in Suppliers management menu

  • press Add, type and save

  • go to the Catalog

  • use bulk edit or edit each product

  • bulk edit - press Add category to product group btn, choose product category and product group and press Enable btn

  • or edit each product - press Show product groups btn, press edit product, choose required product group and save

Then you can set up Product groups per each user in Manage users menu.


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