1. Can I change the delivery date to an earlier / late date?

Yes, you can.

To do this, go to the list of orders and select the required one. Click on "Edit Order"

2. Why did the order not come in full?

Specify, please, it at the supplier. You can do this by writing a comment to the supplier directly in your order.


for each order the supplier must make an account, otherwise, he will not receive payment from the "PRECORO"
in the account, the supplier can correct the list of the goods and send it to the approval
if the account was approved with supplier adjustments, then the supplier will make a delivery according to what he indicated on the invoice
responsible for approving accounts is determined by your company and you can see this information in Settings → Account approval process. If this page does not open up to you, then you do not have enough access rights, please contact the person in charge of the Precoro desktop in your company.

3. I want to order a certain product, but it is not in the catalog.

If you want to expand the directory of the supplier, which is managed by Precoro - just write us in the chat.

If the management of the catalog is your company's responsibility - go to Manage goods and add the necessary. You can get information about the product from the supplier, his contacts should be listed on the supplier's page, if they are not there - you need to add, it will be useful in the future.

How to add the goods can be found in our documentation.

4. Why did not the order arrive on time?

Please clarify this information from the supplier. You can do this by writing a comment to the supplier directly in your order or by calling the contacts listed on the supplier's card.

5. How do I mark the position in the finished order?

Order can only be edited by the last approving user in the chain. Refer to the user in the approval chain.

Or write a comment to the supplier.

6. How do I delete a position in a finished order?

See the question above.

7. How can I cancel an order?

Open the order and click "Cancel".

8. How can I change the delivery address?

Precoro cannot do this. You must cancel the order and create anew.

9. Where can I see the invoice for the order?

You can see only the account.

If you can not go to the account page, it means that you do not yet have it or you do not have access rights.



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