Additional Catalog Features

Additional Catalog Features

Precoro has additional features for convenient managing product catalogs.

To handle (enable/disable) additional features of products go to "Settings" - "Main" - "Catalog" section.


Similar products


You can order the same products from different suppliers various prices. These products would have different vendor codes.

To see all variants of a product, compare prices or choose the most suitable you can link similar products at Precoro.


For combining similar goods in the Company's Products:

1. In a particular product, click "View/Add Similar Product".


2. Use the search to find a similar product and link it with click the checkmark.

3. Select the main product in the bundle with click "Main" button.

4. To remove a product from the bundle use "Delete" button.

Note: If an item is already included in the same group of similar products you can't add it to another group.


When you add a product to a requisition you can see the full list of products linked to it. Use the "View similar products" button and choose the most appropriate one.


Bundle Products

Often companies buy the same set of goods several times. To reduce routine work for adding such goods there is "Bundle Products" feature at Precoro.

For example, employees of a furniture manufacturing company purchase components to produce chairs. They can create "Bundle Product" named "Chair" and add all components the required quantity for producing one chair once.

It allows:

  • identify and procure particular products for specific purposes;
  • reduce the time to choose and add goods to the request/order.


To work with Bundle Products you need:

1. Go to "Supplier Management" - "Bundle Products" to create a set with click "Add Bundle" button.

2. At "Company products" find the necessary goods and add them to the suitable bundle.

After creating "Bundle Products" you can add all needed products to request/order with a click.