Precoro API for advanced procurement automation

There's no need to do things twice. With our API, you can integrate your procurement workflow with the accounting system you're using.
Get rid of unnecessary work
There're 3 main problems that most of our clients already solved with API. See where integration can help you:
Unconnected accounting doubles the work with Invoices and Payments.
Without the integration, you have to manage the catalog in two places.
Unconnected inventory means entering POs to Precoro, then Reciepts to your accounting system.
Now, see how to get more done in less time
Here are just a few examples of what you can do with our API.
Purchase Orders
Get all the approved Purchase Orders and then create them in the Accounting system with API.
Get all the approved Invoices and then save them in the Accounting system with API.
Get all the Receipts and save them in the Inventory system with API.
And much more
Get all the Suppliers, Contracts, Products, Categories, Units, Locations, Users, Legal Entities and use them with any tool you have in API.
Connect Precoro with any system
Although you can connect Precoro to any Accounting System via API, the most popular integrations that most of our clients go for are
Quickbooks Online, Xero and NetSuite.

I want integration. Where do I start?

Define the objective
Define what processes you want to integrate.
Specify the system
Decide what tool you want to integrate.
Check for an API
Does it have an API?
Create a task
If yes, ask your development team or outsource the freelance devs to connect Precoro with a chosen tool via API. They will ask you for a process diagram, so we prepared one you can download below:
Process diagram
Attach the docs
Request us and then share the API documentation with your developers and grant them access to your Precoro account.
Wait for a bit
Wait until they're done with the integration.
Now, go ahead and test if the integration works as expected. Check the documents which should be automatically created in your accounting system from Precoro and then, let your development team know if their task is complete.
Looking for a Purchasing Software to connect
with your Accounting System? Let's talk!